The Trip of Cheeses

Cheeses France Italy Spain
A map of all the wonderful delicious cheeses the romantic countries of France, Italy, and Spain.

Itinerary for the Trip of Cheeses


This fun trip is based on some popular and delectable cheeses found in the European countries of France, Spain, and Italy.  These historical country’s close proximity and shared borders, make them easily traveled via the Eurorail pass or car for easy stress free travel.  An ideal length of time for this trip would be a week to two weeks… or longer if you would like to enjoy the beautiful and romantic 😉 countries of France, Spain, and Italy.

Do you have other interests like Star Wars movies or spiders that you’ve always wanted to explore?  I’ll help you plan your trip based on any interest from cheese to Star Wars you are covered! Email me at to get started. Dream Away!!

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