Sandy Towels? Check out our QuickSand mat Review

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quicksand mat mentor travel
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For some people like myself sand at the beach isn’t even noticed. It’s almost a badge of honour to leave the beach covered in sand. The sandier the better in my opinion.  However, I do know that I am in the minority and let me assure you I am definitely the oddball in this instance. So this post is for the majority, the ones who prefer their share of sand to stay on the beach.

QuickSand Mat Review

The QuickSand Mat is almost a miracle. It has a unique design which lets sand slide through the mat and the weave of the mat locks the sand from coming back up through the mat. The mat creates a smooth surface that is great for sunbathing, lying on the beach, or having picnics.

Mat Sizes:

The mat comes in three different sizes.

Small (S) 3’4″ x 6’6″ 1.3 kgs
Medium (M) 5’1″ x 6’6″ 2.02 kgs
Large (L) 6’6″ x 6’6″ 2.54 kgs

As you can see the mat is very light even at its largest size. This will make it easier to carry. Because of its relatively light weight it could be used on a beach based backpacking trip, hiking trips, and travel treks around the globe. If you are purchasing it to use to be packed for traveling or backpacking I would recommend purchasing a small or medium sized mat.

QuickSand Mat Design

The QuickSand Mat is built for durability it has a double layer weave that is made out of 100% PE (polyethelene mesh). PE is great because it is softer than polypropylene and is more resistant to cracking, ripping, and cold weather damage. There are D-rings around the edge of the mat to stably secure the mat into the ground. Additionally the material has already been stabilized to prevent fading.

Added benefits of the QuickSand Mat

Other excellent features of the mat, thanks to its design system, are that it is extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is hose it off and all the dirt, food, or dust will easily come right off the mat. The mat is extremely quick drying. Last but not least as this may be its second most important feature is that you can spill drinks on it. Instead of absorbing the liquid, the liquid will seep right through the QuickSand Mat. Amazing!! It might be a great idea to have a mat like this all your next parties. 😉

Are there any moms in the house? If so you might be thinking to yourself this is my new favorite product. Think of all the great uses like easy clean up after art time or being able to have your child outside and playing on top of  dirt but not in the dirt.

Colour Options:

quicksand mat mentor travel
Image Courtesy of CGear.

Your QuickSand mat can come in either two colours. Blue or orange. Orange might be a good colour if you plan on taking this mat into the woods on hiking trips or plan on using it for outdoor activities.


The QuickSand mat price depends on the size of mat you that you decide to purchase. The smallest mat is 42.00$, medium is 86.00$, and the large mat is 68.00$. There is an extra large mat on Amazon which is 96.00$. Based off of pricing economics it makes the most sense to get either the small size or spend the extra money for the large.


In conclusion, the QuickSand mat is an awesome accessory for travel. It allows you to go to the beach and leave the sand where it should be left… on the beach. (This also helps to prevent beach erosion and is environmentally friendly.) If you are planning on taking the QuickSand mat on longer trips where weight counts I would recommend purchasing the smaller size. If weight won’t be an it makes sense to purchase the larger mat because it is cheaper than the medium (at least at the time of writing this article).

The QuickSand mat has a myriad of uses including hiking, camping both backpacking and car camping. It’s fantastic for parties and for moms who want an easy way to clean up after their kids art projects and messy outdoor activities. The QuickSand mat can also be used to protect the back of your car after sports games like soccer and football.

Let me know what you think of the QuickSand mat by leaving a comment below. Have you tried it? Do you have any questions? You can always email me at

8 thoughts on “Sandy Towels? Check out our QuickSand mat Review

  • January 23, 2017 at 3:08 am

    I had never heard of this mat before but it sounds amazing. It has so many uses. I am one who hates getting sand on me so this would be perfect. Thanks for the info.

    • January 23, 2017 at 12:45 pm

      Hi Jody!!
      No problem I’m glad you found this information helpful. Let me know if you need help planning any trips my email is =)

  • January 23, 2017 at 3:15 am


    This seems like an amazing mat. So does this mean that you can feel the sand from underneath you without leaving the beach with a bunch of sand on you?

    I would like to purchase this for my trip to northern Canada this summer. Will it be cheaper in the summer than it is now?

    • January 23, 2017 at 12:42 pm

      Hi Nadia,
      Yeah that’s exactly what it means! It’s amazing lol. It’s nice to not need to worry about getting sand in your car and house because as along as everything is on the mat, it’s sand free. I feel like it’s pretty steeply discounted right now. It might get more expensive near summer if more people start buying. Let me know if you have further questions or would like help planning your trip to Canada. I have some articles about Canada that you can check out too if you’d like. My email is =)

  • January 23, 2017 at 5:25 am

    QuickSand mat seems like a great product as it can be used for so many things. I just wanted to ask, how durable it is. Hope it is a long lasting product.

    • January 23, 2017 at 12:33 pm

      Hi Demi,
      It is a very durable long lasting product it was designed for military use initially. You can comment below or email me at for help with anything travel related.

  • June 25, 2018 at 8:51 am

    Bought as a gift for a friend and she likes it. Only thing is, it can’t really use without a towel over it otherwise the net hurts your skin.

    • June 26, 2018 at 8:19 am

      Thanks for the feedback, Joseph! That is a good point about the quicksand mats but they do work really well.


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