If you only have a day in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur in a Layover

Kuala Lumpur Mentor Travel
So much delicious Indian food in KL!

First and foremost Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and is a huge modern city. If you are wondering how to visit Kuala Lumpur in a day grab your bag and check out this great route designed for the layover traveler. Luckily Kuala Lumpur has some pretty amazing architecture which is easy to see on a quick trip. For people who love shopping Kuala Lumpur is just the place for you. It is the fashion hub of SE Asia and has 66 shopping malls including the world’s 4th largest mall called Utama. In addition to shopping and city activities Kuala Lumpur also has some fun nature activities to check out. This trip will be planned based off of a 12 hour lay over.

Get Rid of Those Bags!

Our first stop once you hop off the areoplane is to get rid of your heavy luggage. You don’t wan to be carrying that all over town. Luckily this airport has cheap luggage disposal located in the Main Terminal Building, Level 3 Arrival Hall KLIA & Level 2, Arrival Level Public Concourse, KLIA2. This gift from heaven is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their prices are reasonable and can be found below.

Size Dimension (height x width x lenght) Between 1 to 6 days charges per item/24 hours Between 7 to 14 days chargers per item/24 hours Above 15 days charges per item/24 hours
Small 43 cm x 31 cm x 21 cm RM19.00 RM17.00 RM15.00
Medium 60cm x 42cm x 25cm RM30.00 RM27.00 RM23.00
Large 67 cm x 46cm x 31cm RM40.00 RM36.00 RM32.00
Extra Large Any item exceeding the dimension of a large item RM51.00 RM46.00 RM42.00

Locker Rental Charges (per locker / 24 hours)

Size Dimension (height x width x lenght) Between 1 to 6 days charges per locker/24 hours Between 7 to 14 days charges per locker/24 hours Above 15 days charges per locker/ 24 hours
Medium 40cm x 32cm x 75cm RM40.00 RM36.00 RM32.00
Large 55cm x 43cm x 75cm RM51.00 RM46.00 RM42.00

*Only MEDIUM and LARGE lockers are available. LARGE and EXTRA LARGE items can be stored in the storage room and share be charges per item accordingly. Note: All price Luggage Storage service and Retail item already include GST 6%

Courtesy of Luggage Services

Airport activity should be about 2 hours.

Kuala Lumpur Mentor Travel
So many cute monkeys!! Beware!! They steal your stuff in exchange for food.

Batu Caves

From the Kuala Lumpur airport it is super easy to get to the Batu caves. From the airport take the KLIA Ekspres towards KL Sentral then at KL Sentral catch the Kmuter 2062 Train towards Batu caves. The trip will take about an hour and a half assuming that trains are running on time. This is much cheaper than a taxi and will cost about 40 MYR.

Batu caves are the most important Hindu shrine outside of India. The large multi colored statues of deities make the caves very pleasant and exciting to visit. The caves have three main caves 2 smaller caves and one larger one which is the main cave. The temples are dedicated to the Hindu God Lord Muruga, the bachelor god. When visiting this temple make sure to wear proper attire. For ladies wear long skirts and make sure to cover keep the shoulders covered. Men should wear long shorts or pants and shirts that cover the shoulders.  Plan about 3 hours to be sure that there is enough time. Also, there is a really neat walk which takes 45 minutes and cost 35 RD per person. Totally worth it!

Aquaria KLLC Kuala Lumpur

3 hours including transportation

Kuala Lumpur has an amazing aquarium which may be a bit of a tourist trap but it is worth the visit. The aquarium is open from 10am -8pm every day, the last admission is 7pm. A single adult ticket is 64 MYR and children are 53MYR.

These fish are huge!!

Aquarium shmarium you may be saying to yourself, but hold up before deciding that! This aquarium has an amazing tunnel walk in which you are surrounded by gallons of water and many fish, a shipwreck exhibit, Piranhas, Jungle river, and even flood forest exhibit. The thought and detail put into this aquarium is amazing. Also, and possibly most importantly the Aquaria KLCC is taking important steps to protect the environment.

In order to get to this site from the Batu Caves take the KMUTER 2073 towards Sungai Gadut exit the train at KL Sentral. From KL Sentral station catch MRL towards Titiwangsa. Exit the train at Raja Chulan. Its a 9 minute walk or 600 m from here to the aquarium. From Batu Caves to Aquaria is 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Trip 3:

Incidentally, the Petronas Towers are the icon of Kuala Lumpur. They are a mere 20 minute walk from the aquarium. The towers are open Tuesday-Sunday (they are closed Mondays and on Hari Raya Aidilfitri & Aidiladha). Their visiting hours are 9am-9pm and are closed from 1-2:30 pm on Fridays. It is advisable to purchase your tickets in advance as sometimes they do sell out. ticket prices for adults are 85.00 RM and for children 35.00 RM.Kuala Lumpur Mentor Travel

The Petronas Towers are an icon of Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur because they are designed to symbolize unity between Islam culture, Malaysia, and the modern world. The 8 side geometric shape of the towers is used to symbolize the 8 pointed Islamic star which means unity, harmony, and rationality. The interior is designed with local designs and artisan crafts to show the combination of ancient custom and craft to modern technology. These towers are truly remarkable and should be viewed. Depending on whether you are planning on visiting the towers plan for 2-4 hours.

At this point, from the Petronas Towers, it is an 1.15 hours back to the airport. If you follow this schedule you should be at exactly 12 hours and get back to the airport on time for a 15 hourish layover. If you want to visit all of these sites but have less time shortening the trip to Petronas Towers is the best place to shave off some hours. Accordingly, these times include travel times too and is planned so that the maximum amount of time can be spent at each location. Again times are largely flexible with the exception of Batu Caves, because it takes about 2.5 hours to get there.


All things considered visiting Kuala Lumpur on stopover is easy due to the train system. Thank you Kuala Lumpur for the excellent train system. It really allows visiting this city on a budget and a time crunch/ layover or stopover quite easy. The train can take you to most anywhere in the city. Visit the KL Train map 2016 and download it so that it can be referenced easily from your phone. I can’t wait to hear your feedback about what visiting Kuala Lumpur was like. Please share all of your likes and dislikes with us. If you need further help planning your trip don’t hesitate to ask! Of course after you visit Kuala Lumpur we want to hear all about your trip!! Leave a comment below or shoot us an email at hailey@mentortravel.org.

Kuala Lumpur Mentor Travel
Au revior!

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