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Since 1923, The Walt Disney Company has been making some true masterpieces, and therefore, creating a culture and fan base that is attractive to all ages. Whether you like princess stories, or action packed movies, there’s something that everyone can find to fall in love with. Pretty much everyone has a move or two that they love, and that’s awesome. But this article isn’t made for those that have a favorite or two; this article is made for those who would consider themselves OBSESSED. It’s for those that can name all the Disney Princesses, that can recite the lines to multiple movies, who have read the books, and own oh so many collectible items. We have all you need to plan your trips for Disney lovers – aka your personal heaven.

1. Orlando, Florida – Walt Disney World

Our first destination is of, course, the most visited Disney Theme Park in the world. It opened in 1971 as Walt Disney’s flagship destination. It’s brought in people from all over the world ever since. It continues to grow each year, with Pandora – The World of Avatar opening in 2017, Disney Springs finishing in 2016, and phase two of Fantasy Land completed in 2014. This should be on every Disney fan’s bucket list. It has four theme parks, two water parks, a Disney Village Marketplace, and so many resorts. You can literally do everything here. Nearby attractions to the park include Universal Studios and Sea World for one of the most magical trips for Disney lovers.

2.  Bavaria, Germany – Neuschwanstein Castle

Next on our list of trips for Disney lovers, we’re going about four hours southwest of Munich, Germany to the Neuschwanstein Castle. This destination takes you to the castle that inspired the story of Aurora in Sleeping Beauty. It’s absolutely beautiful, and really worth the visit. It’s one of the most popular castles in Europe, bringing in about 6,000 guests each day. Tickets are 13 Euros per person, and you can find more information for visitors HERE.

3. Cusco, Peru – Machu Picchu

High in the Andes Mountains, in the country of Peru, you will find the world famous Inca citadel known as Machu Picchu. It’s an abandoned site built in the 15th century for Inca leaders. It was abandoned when the Inca civilization was virtually wiped out by Spanish invaders. Today, it’s one of the seven wonders of the world. It was the basis for the scenery in the Pachu Village in Disney’s The Emperor’s New Groove. You’ll be able to see some beautiful architecture and explore the stunning country of Peru.

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4. Paris, France For So Many Reasons

Oh Paris, it’s the City of Lights, one of the most romantic cities in the universe. It only makes sense that Walt Disney would set some amazing movies in this city. It’s one of my favorite cities in the world, and you can find so many Disney movies that took place here, so this is a must on our list of trips for Disney lovers:

  • Hunchback of Notre Dame: Moving onto Paris, you can view the home of the Hunchback of Notre Dame. The Notre Dame Cathedral is one of the most visited cathedrals in the world, and you will definitely recognize it from the movie. Paris is such a wonderful city, you’ll have no problem finding things to do. You can find more things to do in Paris with our guide.
  • The Aristocrats: This movie takes place in Paris as well, and you can see all the locations the cats ran around as you view the city.
  • Ratatouille: Also set in Paris, you get a taste of the delicious foods France has to offer. Read our french foods bucket list HERE. You can also find the Ratatouille ride in Disneyland Paris!
  • Cars 2: The characters travel to multiple international cities in this movie, and Paris is one of them.

50170 Mont Saint-Michel, France - panoramio (3).jpg

5. Tour the Country of France

France has inspired a lot of Disney films, even outside of Paris, so you can tour the whole country viewing some of the master pieces depicted in the following films.

  • Beauty and the Beast: You can find the chateau that created the Beauty and The Beast’s Castle in Loir-Et-Cher, just two hours from Paris. The castle in real life is called Chateau De Chambord, and is surrounded by a beautiful forest. You can spend hours wandering the Chateau, the gardens, and the amazing wildlife.
  • Beauty and The Beast: On the border between France and Germany, Alsace became the visual for Belle’s home village. It  has German and French influences and makes a fun collaboration of the two cultures. 
  • Tangled: In the Normandy region of France, you’ll find an island called Mont Saint Michel. This island is what inspired the Kingdom of Corona from Disney’s Tangled. Tide waters periodically cut off access to the island from the main land of France, so it makes for a great defense mechanism. Don’t worry, you won’t be stranded, as the roadway returns shortly after.

West Coast Girl Touring New York City

6. New York City, NY – Broadway

New York City has a magic of it’s own, even if you don’t count the Disney part of it. Read our article about New York City HERE. You’ll have a great time exploring the city, but the best part about New York City is the amount of shows they have available. You can see so many Broadway shows of all kinds, including Disney! At any given moment, you’re almost guaranteed to find a couple of Disney Broadway plays available, like the Lion King, Aladdin, and Newsies. Check out showing availability HERE. Make sure to check out Grand Central Terminal as well, since that was the inspiration for Game Central Station in Wreck-It Ralph.

7. Angkor, Cambodia – Angkor Wat

Atlantis: The Lost Empire may be a story about a sunken city that may have never existed, you can definitely spot the real life inspiration for the architecture of the city. The look of Atlantis was based of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. It’s the largest religious monument in the world covering over 400 acres. Angkor Wat was originally constructed as a Hindu temple of god Vishnu for the Khmer Empire, and gradually transformed into a Buddhist temple towards the end of the 12th century. Cambodia has so much culture to offer, you’ll really have an eye opening experience with this as one of your trips for Disney lovers.

Disney Magic arriving in Tallinn Tallinn 16 June 2017.jpg

8. Disney Cruises

Between North American and Europe, there are so many options when it comes to a Disney Cruise. What could be better than live entertainment, food available 24/7, and Disney characters everywhere you go. Cruises are amazing because they do all the handwork for you. You’ll have activities to do throughout the day in the middle of the Ocean. Find your perfect cruise HERE.

Princess Garden, Festival of Fantasy Parade (15985885363).jpg

9. Quebec City, Canada – Hotel De Glace 

In Quebec City lies the first and only ice hotel in North America. Its bricks are made of ice. And the design changes each year as it reappears. Even the cocktails are served in ice cups! What Disney film could this icy wonder be the inspiration for? Frozen, obviously. This hotel inspired Elsa’s ice castle in Disney’s Frozen, and makes for one cool trip – pun intended.

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10. New Orleans, Louisiana – Louisiana Bayous

From the coldest Disney movies, to one of the hottest on  our list of trips for Disney lovers. The hot and humid city of New Orleans give you the city that Princess and the Frog takes place in. You watch Tiana and Naveen jump around the city as frogs searching for a way to turn back to their human selves. You can get to know more about the southern part of the United States and see all the places that Tiana visited throughout the film. This film gave you Disney’s first ever black princess, which is definitely something to celebrate. You can find out what else you can do in New Orleans with our guide.



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