Business Trip? Check out these Hacks

So you have a business trip coming up?

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Be as relaxed as this Luwak on your next business trip!

Everyone loves to save time and prevent stress and worry. This is especially important if you are traveling for work. Business trips can be incredibly stressful. Jetlag, finding your hotel, worrying about your presentation(s). These are worries at the forefront of your mind. Just about the worst thing that could happen would be if your luggage didn’t arrive or was lost. Imagine having to present your presentation during your business trip in your travel-worn clothes or having to spend your precious time shopping for a new wardrobe. This quick tip from a seasoned business traveler and business professional will ensure you will always have your luggage and classy wardrobe for all your business trips. This tip comes from Heather G. a business professional.

Time-Tested Advice

“Have you ever been on a flight and you made the connection but your checked luggage didn’t? Has the airline lost your bag? Do you hate waiting for the bags to show up on the luggage carousel? I have found that these aspects make flying less enjoyable for me. My solution?

I FedEx or UPS a box to my final destination with extra clothes in it. Inside, I also pack a return label to myself and a small roll of packing tape. On my flight, I only take my carry on with three to four days of clothes and my toiletry bag. Most hotels are happy to receive packages for arriving guests. Once I arrive the rest of my items are already there waiting. Sometimes already delivered to my room. When the box is refilled with items that need to be returned home, I seal it up, slap on the label, and either drop it off or have concierge do it for me. This works out great for business trips where I will have more than one stop.

I never haul a large suitcase with me anymore. And frankly, the hassle is so much less this way. I find that the cost is not really much more when you consider the exorbitant prices airlines are charging to check a bag. Give it a try! If you travel a lot for business, just the piece of mind knowing your bags will make it to your next stop is well worth the cost.

Also, always go get some good food at Whole Foods or PCC before any plane trip. Last time I was on an airplane with my friend we bought grilled asparagus, salmon, and some deli meat and a mini brie and grapes with macarons and crackers. Better than anything the plane had to sell! It all fit into a small cloth bag from the store and the bag handles fit over the pull out handle on our rolling carry-on. When we were delayed in Atlanta we finished what was left. We did something similar coming back. People on the plane were jealous!

Thanks Heather For the great tip! I’ll break it down into easy to follow steps for you to follow below.

How to prepare for your business trip like a pro!

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Be classy on your business trip!

Step 1:

Get a FedEx or UPS box a week or a few days prior to your trip. Pack any extra clothes that you’d like to take with you on your trip into the box. Make sure to keep the box open!

Step 2:

Make sure you know the name of the hotel you will be staying at and contact them to see they will receive packages for guests.

Step 3:

Visit either Fedex, UPS (whichever postal company you chose) with your filled box of clothes. Pay for a shipping label to your destination and back.

Step 4:

Pack return shipping label in the box with clothes. Seal box. Give to UPS, Fedex, worker to send off in the mail for you.

Step 5:

Pick up the package at your hotel. Enjoy your clothes!

Some things to keep in mind.
  •             Make sure to get a tracking number.
  •             Make sure to bring some packing tape with you on your trip.
  •             Keep in mind how long it will take to ship your package unless you want to pay for overnight or two-day shipping.

If You Like Shopping…

Heather’s idea is also great because it also answers the question: “How do I get all of my stuff back home when I’ve been traveling and shopping too much.” If this happens to you, have no fears you can ship yourself a box with all of your new goodies. If this happens to you can follow all the steps listed above except including a shipping label since the close will be mailed directly to your house.

Shipping Internationally

A note about shipping boxes internationally. This method might not be a good option if you are shipping items internationally. Often there are fees like customs that need to be paid in addition to paying for shipping costs. Usually, international flights include a checked bag in their ticket price, so it’s probably cheaper to pay for an extra checked bag on your return flight, rather than paying for shipping and customs.

Business Trip Hack Number 2

Sleep is of the utmost importance when traveling and it’s even more important on your business trip. In order to make sure you get the best sleep possible. You should always bring a sleep mask and ear plugs. These two items are essential. They will allow you to sleep on the plane and in your hotel room even when it might be bright outside or on the plane. Your ability to sleep while traveling will determine how successful you are on your business trip. A basic sleep mask will work okay but for a more effective solution here are some recommended eye masks below.

Sleep Facts:
  • Adults who don’t get enough sleep act sluggish while children tend to act hyperactive.
  • Drinking caffeine during the day can affect how you sleep at night.
  • Drinking alcohol before bed makes falling asleep easier but disturbs your sleep cycles preventing you from falling into a deep restful sleep.
  • Light affects your sleep cycle and natural circadian rhythm. It’s important when trying to sleep during daylight hours that you make your sleeping area as dark as possible.
  • To improve your ability to fall asleep try and pack something from home the signals to your brain and body it’s time to sleep. That might be a favorite pillow, book, candle, or song.
  • When trying to adjust to a new time zone do your best to only sleep when it would be normal to sleep. stay busy the rest of the time to ward off jetlag.
  • Bauce elephants are really cool. Elephants can sleep standing up or lying down.

Resources for these sleep tips came from Sleep Education.

Bedtime Bliss BTB01 Contoured & Comfortable Black Sleep Mask with Moldex Ear Plugs

This product is an excellent option for those looking for a cheaper sleeping mask. It is under 25.00$ and has great 5 star reviews on Amazon. The Bedtime Bliss Mask is designed for people who work late night shifts and have to sleep in the day and for travelers. It’s also perfect for those love taking naps in a bed or hammock. I haven’t tried the mask myself yet but my one concern would be the velcro getting stuck on my hair. But when I read the reviews no one mentioned that as a problem. Let me know what you think when you try it out!

Characteristics:sleep mask amazon business trip deep sleep

  • Velcro straps
  • Contours to face
  • Soft and flexible with rounded eye coverings to allow for eye movement
  • Comes with ear plugs
  • Carrying case for both ear plugs and mask is included

100% Pure Silk Filled Rated Sleep Mask Premium Quality Eye Mask with Contoured Shape

This mask is for people who want to spend a little bit more on a sleep mask as this mask is $69.00. On Amazon, this mask has 5 stars. Its reviewers say that it moves with you and contours to your face really well. It also has cupped eyes which allow you to no smudge your eye makeup. This mask is great for business travel and for people who need to sleep during the day.


  • 100% Pure Silk
  • Soft flexible material, hypoallergenic  great for sensitive skin
  • Eye cups are molded so that the mask doesn’t smudge eye makeup and allows for eye movement
  • Total blackout no light enters this mask

amazon sleep mask business trip


There you have it. From one business professional to another. These business trip tricks will save you time and probably money on your business trip. We all know how rushed these business trips often are. If you try out any of these business trip tips or eye masks let us know. Did you get the best sleep of your life? Did the facial contouring work? Or was your makeup smudged? Let us know if you have any funny business trip stories below? For other travel tips check out the travel infinity pillow. I hope these tips help you become the best business professional you can be! We all need all the hacks that we can get to save time so that we can focus on the important part of presenting ourselves and our company in the best light.

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