This One Time I Had a Muffin in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark, located in the beautiful part of northern Europe. It’s full of culture, delicious street food, mermaid statues, and castles. But we’re not exploring those right now. If you want to read more on things to do in Copenhagen, you can read on HERE. This is a story about this one time I had a muffin in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen is famous for it’s hippie community known as Christiania. It’s a community within the city with it’s own rules and government system to follow. The land used to be a Military base that was left behind to be overtaken by squatters. Over time, it grew into it’s own world and is now a bohemian neighborhood attracting visitors from all over the world. The entire area has artwork on the walls with characters, drawings, paintings, and all sorts of really cool murals. Just five minutes into my stroll forced my jaw to drop to the floor.

It is a photographer’s paradise.

I saw restaurants, cafes, live music, a skate park, and lots of vendor stands selling locally made products. Some of these products may or may not have been entirely legal. A couple of stands were selling various forms of marijuana, or cannabis. I’m from Seattle, where recreational marijuana has been legal for a couple of years now. Seeing this type of market wasn’t exactly new to me. Being in vacation mode and knowing that marijuana was not as abundant in other parts of Copenhagen, I decided to give it a try – When in Rome.

All of the stands had cannabis in any form I could possible want. There were pre-rolled joints, buds, cookies, hookas, and candies. I came across a stand selling cannabis muffins. There was a guy behind the stand that said they were the best and that we would not regret the experience. I’m sure everyone had “the best” options, but he had chocolate chip muffins so I was sold. I was with two other friends, and we decided to each get one.

The three of us walked over to a set of stairs to sit on and plopped down. We pulled out the muffins and thought about how we were going to do this. Since the guy that sold them to us kept raving about how potent they were, we thought we’d share one muffin between the three of us to start out slow and see how it goes. So we each had a third. We continued walking around Christiania and went along with out day as usual. I had almost forgotten we had eaten the muffins earlier. Until I didn’t. My body made sure to remind.

I was as high as Pluto. 

At this point we had walked across the water to view the famous Nyhavn. It was absolutely gorgeous with all the colorful buildings and boats that made up the seaport. I took my phone out and started taking pictures. I thought I was a professional photographer because my pictures were turning out so well. After what seemed like hours, we decided to grab a beer and sit while the high wears off. We sat down at a table and I started to look at the menu. This is when I realized I was on the same level as Pluto. The menu seemed to be melting and I couldn’t read anything.

When I finally decided what I wanted to order, and looked up, I saw my two friends staring intensely at their menus, so I knew they were feeling that muffin as much as I was.  I’m sure we had only been sitting there for about ten minutes, but I was convinced it had be a couple of hours and our waitress had still not greeted us. I got out of my seat to look for a waiter to order from when a woman in an apron walked by and asked me to sit back down. She gave me a very odd look, so I knew I wasn’t acting normal. I sat down and tried to keep my cool, but that was impossible.

high in copenhagen
One of the many blurry photos I took

My memory for the rest of the night gets a little hazy.

I don’t remember leaving the bar, I don’t remember if I ever got my beer. I do remember us walking by the Kastellet Fortress in the pitch black darkness, which sober me knows is in the opposite direction of our AirBnb. After what felt like days, we decided to take an Uber home since we couldn’t find the place we were staying. We wandered up to our room and passed out. I’m not sure what time we went to bed, but we all woke up the next day at about 12pm.

high in copenhagen
The muffin that started it all

We slept for over 12 hours.

That morning, the three of us tried to piece together the night. We were all a little fuzzy with what went down that evening, and I’m still not sure what all happened. We woke up with all of us in our same clothes and with two more muffins and a beer glass in my bag. I might have taken a beer glass from the bar we visited. But I can’t remember, so I can’t be blamed for actions I don’t remember right? We looked at the two remaining muffins and decided to throw them out, we didn’t need another night of haziness.

Let us know in the comments below if you have any crazy stories like this from your travels! Make sure to check out our article on making the most of your trip to Copenhagen and the top 14 things to do in Copenhagen if you plan on visiting this amazing city.

Happy Travels!

6 thoughts on “This One Time I Had a Muffin in Copenhagen

  • September 1, 2017 at 6:21 am

    I lovee travel stories! Copenhagen is one place I’ve been wanting to go though I don’t know when I will get to head back to Europe again! #Gltlove

    • September 3, 2017 at 11:22 am

      If you have any good travel stories you’d like to share we are always on the look out! Feel free to email us to submit a travel story. Thanks for the comment!! I’m really glad you enjoy our blog.

  • September 1, 2017 at 7:12 am

    Haha I had such a laugh at this, and love your blurry photography! Can only imagine how strong the muffin was. A hell of a travel experience!

    • September 3, 2017 at 11:19 am

      Lol it was definitely an adventure. I’m so glad we only ate a little bit of that muffin. Thanks for the comment I’m glad you enjoy our blogs. =)

  • August 7, 2018 at 3:51 pm

    Maybe a week before this was posted, myself and two of my friends bought 2 muffins from a stall in Christiania and each had a third. Like yourself, we completely forgot that we had eaten them and proceeded about our day as we were walking to get food.

    Maybe 45 minutes had past, we had eaten and were walking back to our hostel when I started to drift off into deep conscious thoughts and the BAM! I felt something of a popping sensation in the back of my head and it was on like donkey kong. I let my other two friends who hadn’t taken anything to keep an eye on me because I was feeling all sorts (probably a good time to mention I have never had anything like this before only MDMA)

    My other two mates were about 20m ahead walking into each other and having a good old time. My vision wasn’t blurred as much as the ground was shaking left and right and up and down. The feeling was intense, but fun at the same time. We got back to the hostel and the moment we entered the lobby the room just condensed in my head and my field of view felt much more like a video game. We moved to the hallway and it happened again and again until we entered our room. At this point we decided to have a lock in and stay together.

    Moving around was very difficult and it seemed like such a mission to pick myself up and move around the room so I spent a while in the middle of the floor. We were all having a good laugh for about and hour, laughing at the most ridiculous things, but the intensity of the high didn’t seem to be diminishing and this is where the fun feeling turned to worry, which poisoned my thoughts and sent me down the wrong path. The intensity of the high and the sensations that I was fully aware of and the hallucinations were too much and I just wanted it to tone down a bit… but it didn’t. I was adamant that we had taken something else and that I was going to die but my mates were chill and reassured me that I wasn’t (I greened out hard). Anyway the only solution was to sleep it off and that’s what I did.

    I can still remember laying in the bed with my eyes closed and in my mind I was blinking and each time I blinked, my vision would be filtered with a different colour… blue, red, yellow, green. I thought to myself, if I wake up like this, I would probably kill myself.

    Anyway 5 hours later I wake up and am back to reality, no high, just embarrassment.
    Good times 🙂

    • September 23, 2018 at 10:50 pm

      Thanks for the share! That was a very intense and colorful trip. Where was your favorite place you visited in Copenhagen?


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