Best Hostel: Madpacker’s Hostel New Delhi, India

Why You Should Stay at the Madpacker’s Hostel

New Delhi India. Boy, what a city. Many people are nervous about visiting Delhi and with good reason. Delhi is huge, dirty, sometimes smelly, and loud. It’s a city full of maniac drivers honking their horns as they weave through traffic. But.. Delhi has many hidden charms and wonderful sites. It is a city worth visiting, but only if you have some time to lift off it’s worn mantle to find the gems beneath.

My first recommendation is to stay at the Madpackers Hostel. I’ve been to Delhi before this trip and I must say I didn’t like it as much the first time around. During my first trip, I was in Delhi for short periods of time. Although we did some sight seeing, it was mostly a pit stop between traveling to other locations and sites in India. I think this limited the charm in Delhi. If you visit here I’d recommend staying for about a week.

Madpacker's Hostel Mentor Tr
Madpacker’s Hostel has amazing wall art which adds to its community atmosphere.


Back to the Madpackers Hostel, this hostel is truly one of the best hostels I have ever stayed at. It’s rooms are slightly more expensive than the rest, but it’s worth paying the slightly higher prices. Breakfast is delicious and different every day. Plus it’s nice that breakfast hours run a little bit late so that you can sleep in and still have time to catch a tasty breakfast.


Madpackers Hostel has an activity going on most days of the week. Sometimes when hostels have activities going on every day it can seem a bit chaotic and overwhelming, but at Madpackers Hostel it’s not so. I think it’s because most of their activities take place outside of the hostel, while most other hostels have activities inside of their hostel. Madpackers is great because the goal of the hostel is to show the culture of Delhi. They do this exceptionally well.

This is a rough memory of what their schedule was like so make sure to ask the hostel if you really want to attend a specific event.

Trips to Agra

They offered day trips to Agra to see the Taj Mahal for 2000 INR. Please make note that the Taj is CLOSED on Fridays. This price is a little bit expensive as it only pays for transportation. You can take a train there and back for about 800 INR if you are in a cheaper cabin. My girlfriend and I went for about 1,600 INR I would recommend pre-booking your tickets online if you would like to do a day trip there. The hostel will also book tickets for you with a small fee. But we waited till the day before we wanted to leave and trains were pretty booked up so I would recommend planning a few days in advance to get there. Also, the cost to enter the Taj is now 1000 INR.

Delhi Belly Tour

Madpacker's Hostel Delhi Belly Tour
Yummy Delhi Belly Tour!

This tour is AMAZING!!!! It is a definite must do. It starts at 8 am all transportation cost is included. One of the hosts from Madpackers takes whoever signs up for the tour on a trip to special historic spots around the city. Some of these spots include:

  • Paranthe Wali Gali- side street famous for its Indian Flatbread Paratha
  • Kinari Bazar- Bazaar dedicated specifically for weddings necessities.
  • Nau Ghar- A famous part of Delhi. It’s always included in Heritage walks around the city.
  • Fatehpuri- 17th Century mosque located on the oldest street in Delhi.
  • Town Hall-Great parliment building in Delhi.

These historic sites are a treat to see especially from a local’s prespecitve. It’s nice to get a history while you enjoy your delicious meals. A great aspect about this walking tour is that you get sent a google document which includes all the history and food that you see on the walking tour. From this tour you return too full to walk. I really loved this tour because I felt comfortable trying lots of new foods from teh street. That old adage to not street food in Delhi goes by the wayside on this tour. It’s cost is also very cheaper than most tours.

Fatehpuri Madpacker's Hostel Mentor Travel
Fatepuri Mosque

Learn to Make Chai Night:

This night is super yummy too and involves learning a lot about the history of tea in India and how Chai tea came about. It’s really interesting and because you are watching the Chai be made right in front of you it makes it easy to remember how to make it later. This event is free to make it all the better.

Sufi Night

I wasn’t able to attend this night, but it seems like an excellent cultural experience. If you attend Sufa night you start your night off by helping to feed the poor and homeless. A yummy meal is prepared for your dinner. After dinner there are really unique cultural dances that are fun to watch. You might even start dancing yourself!

Local Chicken night

Madpacker’s Hostel takes you to another fantastic local eat. The night that we went we went to Aslam’s Chicken corner. OMG this food is so good!! They serve chicken, fish, and falafal here, so even vegetarians can eat here.

A quick history lesson…

The crazy part about this restruant is that it’s been around for a long long time. It’s now third generation owned by the family. The restuarant started out by people coming to a small foodstall and eating the scrumpitios chicken on their motorbikes. Then as they got larger they moved to an actual store with a kitchen. In order to never forget their small beginnings and to make their restruant more interesting, Aslam’s chicken doesn’t have any tables. Instead, customers eat on these motorbikes that have been permentantly put into the ground.

Bring lots of napkins and a huge appitite! This restruant won’t dissapoint. I highly recommend the Afgani Chicken, the Fish plate, and the Biryani rice. The Biryani rice can easily be shared amongst 2-3 people maybe 4.


Madpacker's Hostel Delhi Traffic
That Metro Line is a blessing in traffic like this.

Madpacker’s Hostel has a relitively great location. It will become even better once the new metro update has been completed. There will be a line that comes straight to the airport and has a stop near the Madpacker’s Hostel. As of now though, even though the hostel is on the outskirts of central Delhi, we really liked it’s location. You can walk from the hostel to a few restruants. It’s in a quiet and secured neighborhood. Last but not least and one of my favorite parts about Madpacker’s Hostel was that you can easily walk from it to the Metro Line.


Bottom line Madpackers Hostel really made our trip. I know if you stay at this fantastic hostel you will truly enjoy your trip too. I think Delhi can be a place that you either have a great time or a bad time. Make sure you have an amazing time with Madpacker’s Hostel.

Have you stayed here before? Let us know by leaving comments below! If you have any questions about Delhi, Madpacker’s Hostel, India or Europe feel free to email us at or leave a comment below. We can’t wait to hear from you! Also, sorry about the lack of pictures. I took a lot for this blog post but many photos were accidently deleted due to technical issues.

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