How to Beat the Winter Blues This Season

The sunshine that comes with summer brings so much happiness to the world. The days are long, the weather is warm, and the outdoor activities seem endless. But when the sun starts to set earlier and earlier each day and the temperature starts to drop, so can your mood. If you’re feel less motivated lately as winter starts to set in, you’re not the only one. It’s actually a thing called seasonal depression or seasonal affective disorder. With Mentor Travel’s tips, we can help you beat the winter blues and sprint out of your slump.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

1. Keep in Touch with Friends

It can be really easy to sink into your funk and not put any effort into contacting friends. But talking to someone about your day can really help you beat the winter blues and push away the sad feelings. Whether you go out for drinks with a bunch of friends or call an old friend on the phone, it’s worth it.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

2. Get Outside

This will definitely be a lot harder than it is in the summer time. You can make it happen just by rearranging your schedule. I live in Seattle, and in the summer months I fell into the habit of going on a walk after work. Now that it’s winter, its too dark after work to go outside. I decided to go for a walk during my lunch break at work to the local park. It might not be the most ideal schedule, but the breath of fresh air really helped my day go by easier.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

3. Exercise

This is another one that may be harder now that it’s winter. But a little adjustment can allow it to happen. If you usually go running outside, try running on the treadmill at your apartment’s fitness center. Do some push-ups before you go to be. Or put on your winter jacket and boots and take the dog for a walk around the block. It releases endorphins that help beat the winter blues.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

4. Go on a Date

Single or taken, planning a date night may be able to help you beat the seasonal blues. If you have a boo thang, take them somewhere you guys have been wanting to try but keep pushing it off. If you’re living the independent single life, get to swiping on Tinder and plan a coffee date with a cutie. You don’t need to put too much pressure on this, but having a special connection with someone can  help beat the blues, even if the connection only lasts one day.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

5. Cuddle up With a Dog

If you don’t have a dog, borrow one from a friend. Or use their dog as an excuse to hang out. Dogs love snuggling with people and it feels nice to have a warm cuddle buddy that can’t talk back to you. The bigger the dog, the better the cuddles.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

6. Stay Consistent with At Least One Thing

Winter brings in a lot of changes with the dark and cold weather. Make sure to keep one thing the same as the summer. If you always read before bed, keep doing it. If breakfast is at 7:00am sharp, make sure to get up in time to cook it. This consistency will help you to beat the winter blues.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

7. Treat Yourself

Sometimes, you’re going to have days that feel impossible to get through. When this happens, feel free to treat yourself. Do something nice for you alone that will make you feel better. Take yourself out for a new pair of shoes. Go to the movies by yourself. Bake a cake and cover it in chocolate icing. These treats aren’t treats if they occur often, so save them for the days you really need them so they feel special.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

8. Meditate – Or Find Time For Yourself

Meditating has been proven to help moods tremendously. But it’s not for everyone. If you’re not into meditating, make sure to assign time for yourself. I don’t mean watching Netflix before bed alone. I mean planning specially designated alone time. Sit down and breathe. Read that book you’ve been putting off. Journal your thoughts in your notebook. Do something for you.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

9. Find Nature

Nature has a way of allowing you to forget the struggles of every day life. You’ll need to plan ahead for this one, but it could really help you beat the winter blues. Find a park in the city that makes you feel like you’re far away. Drive an hour outside of town to hike a mountain. Head to the beach for some wave therapy. It’s all amazing and will all help your head stay clear.

beat the winter blues mentor travel

10. Plan a Trip

Vacations and travel adventures are always a good way to unwind and de-stress. Winter is the best time to travel because the prices are lower than the busier summer months. You can get really creative with this one. You can plan a backpacking trip in Central America, or you can take advantage of the winter time and book a cabin for a weekend trip in Whistler, BC. Make sure to check out our 10 trips of a lifetime if you’re in need of some inspiration.

Winter can have a negative impact on our minds. If we take the time to take care of ourselves, we can all get through this dark season and beat the winter time blues. Let me know if there’s anything else that helps you  beat the winter blues in the comments below!

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