City Guide: What to Czech Out in Prague

Prague is known as the City of a Hundred Spires.  And for good reason because the architecture is just magnificent with over 500 spires in the city. Prague wasn’t destroyed during WWII, so the city was able to keep a lot of its original buildings and structures, making it an amazing bucket list destination today. Your Mentor Travel team was able to visit the capital of Czech Republic and we’re happy to share with you a few of our favorite places to Czech out in Prague. It’s centrally located with a lot of English speakers, so this is a must see during your next trip to Europe.

czech out in prague mentor travel

1. The Prices are Cheap

First on our list relates to the cost of living in this part of the world. One of the best parts in visiting this city was the conversion rate. As an American, I was able to spend a lot less on things during my visit. I went to a bar and ordered three beers for $4USD total. My accommodation in downtown Prague was around $41 a night. You definitely can’t find that in Seattle, my hometown. Consequently, this is a great place for us budget travelers.

czech out in prague mentor travel

2. It’s Very Walk-able

Excluding the train that delivered me to Prague, I didn’t use public transportation at all during my trip. I’m sure it’s easy to use, but I just didn’t need it. All of the places I wanted to see were within walking distance. Some more than others, but more on that later. Therefore, I was able to walk around the city and soak in the sites and people that make it so amazing.

czech out in prague mentor travel

3. Make a Wish at the Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is one of the most visited tourist attractions, and it’s well worth it. It’s a pedestrian only traffic bridge that takes you out of Old Town. There’s some stunning views of the city and water from it that make it a photographer’s heaven. You’ll find vendors selling hand-made trinkets on the sides and a lot of beautifully crafted statues. You’re going to want to look for the statue of St. John of Nepomuk. Legend has it that if you rub the cross and make a wish, it will come true in a year. You’ll be able to spot it because the cross is very worn from other wishers before you.

czech out in prague mentor travel

4. Take a Colorful Instagram Photo

This spot will be a kick for all of you Beatles fans out there. Dedicated to John Lennon after his murder, a graffiti mural appeared in the city right opposite of the French Embassy. A walk along this wall will show you large images, inspirational quotes, song lyrics, a lot of colorful artwork showcasing his honor. Lennon was an inspiration to a lot of young Czechs, so this continues to grow with new artwork every day.

czech out in prague mentor travel

5. Get a Bird’s Eye View of the City

After you walk up a whopping 299 stairs, you can see a view of Prague like no other. The Petrin Tower stands tall at the top of a hill overlooking a garden with a stellar view of the city. Make sure to wear some good walking shoes, as this adventure is quite the hike from the city center area. The distance isn’t too bad, but it’s the hill climb that will get you. Luckily, the tower itself has an elevator (which does cost extra). It may look a little familiar, as it was built to look like a smaller version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  At the bottom of the park, there’s the Strahov Monastery Brewery that makes a perfect place to stop for refreshments afterwards.

czech out in prague mentor travel

6. Stroll Through Some Prague History

One of the main buildings that makes up Prague’s beautiful skyline is the Prague Castle. It’s one of the largest ancient castles in the world and takes you on a tour through museums, galleries, and some pretty amazing architecture. This area is great to walk around in to soak up the Prague culture. Outside of the castle, you’ll find vendors selling locally made crafts and delicious foods. Make sure to stop by the St. Vitus Cathedral while you’re in the area, I fell in love with it’s architectural style.

czech out in prague mentor travel

7. Snack on the Local Cuisine

A visit to Prague, or any Czech city for that matter, seems incomplete without a sample of the local cuisine. Prague food is absolutely delicious, and it was quite a change from my typical American food. Some of the country’s well known foods include beer, potato soup, roasted pork, dumplings, and dessert pastries. The dessert that stole my heart is called Trdelník. It’s a rolled up pastry with sugar sprinkled on top and can be served with ice cream or chocolate sauce stuffed inside. Long story short, do not miss your opportunity to try Czech foods.

czech out in prague mentor travel

8. View Prague’s Sense of Humor

Scattered around Prague are a variety of interesting statues. Some of them seem to tell a story, and some of them seem completely random and odd. Some of the most note worthy ones was the Piss by Cerny. Piss is a statue of two men facing each other with a pond in between them. Sounds normal right? Except for the fact that they’re both peeing into the pond. Some other notable statues include the Pond by Kurt Gebauer and Babies by Cerny.

czech out in prague mentor travel

9. Wander Old Town Square

The most bustling and tourist filled place in Prague is probably Old Town Square. It’s an area in the city with lots of Gothic Style architecture, which therefore, gives you a lot to look at. As you wander around the area, you’ll see street performers, food vendors, cute shops, and tons of visitors like yourself. This was a fun area to explore because there was so much to explore. Some of the popular sites include the astronomical clock, the Prague Beer Museum, and the Jan Hus Monument.

czech out in prague mentor travel

10. Step Inside the Jewish Quarter

Finally, we end this list with some more WWII history. Prague’s Jewish district is knows as Josefov, which is located just north of the Old Town Square. This is where the Jewish people were ordered to live in during the 13th century, and you can still see a lot of this influence to this day. A lot of the buildings are still standing so there’s so much to see. You can see the Jewish Museum, the Spanish Synangogue, and a Jewish cemetery.

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Prague was definitely one of my favorite European cites to visit. There’s so much culture and beautiful architecture to Czech out in Prague, please add this wonderful city to your bucket list. Make sure to check out our city guide to Munich, Germany, which is located close to Prague by train. Let us know if there’s anything else you liked about Prague in the comments below!

Happy Travels!

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