The Best Trip Ideas Depending on Who You’re Traveling With

We all have travel stories to share. Some of them are great memories that you take out at each holiday party. Some of them are horrific instances that taught you a lot about traveling and life in general. A large factor that affects they type of experience you have is the type of person you’re traveling with. People and demographics all behave differently and react uniquely to certain situations. Planning the perfect trip for the group you’re traveling with can really help make the trip one you want to remember, and Mentor Travel has some trip ideas for you.

trip ideas mentor travel

Solo Travel

Our first type of trip involves absolutely no one but yourself. Solo traveling is highly underrated, and not nearly as scary as Hollywood makes it out to be. With the right environment, solo travel enables you to plan what you want, when you want. If there’s something you want to do, but most of your friends have no interest in it, now’s the time to do it.  Read 13 things I learned from my first backpacking trip. This category allows you to customize it based on your own interests, but here are some ideas.

  1.  Nerd out – If you’re a huge Harry Potter fan, head to Universal Orlando Studios. If you’re a Lord of the Rings fan, head to New Zealand and explore the Shire.  We have a cheese inspired trip that might just brie your best vacation yet.
  2. Take in the Word’s best views – Iceland is growing in popularity, and is super friendly for female travelers. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors, this is your place. Another option is to visit a national park nearby and explore your back yard.
  3. Multi-Country Backpacking trip – Backpacking is crazy. You’re always on the go, you meet loads of people from all over the world, and you see so much in a short period of time. This is the perfect environment for a solo backpacker. Backpacking through Europe or Southeast Asia are really great option for solo travelers.

trip ideas mentor travel

With Your Boo Thang

Traveling somewhere new with your partner allows you to see them when they’re vulnerable and out of their comfort zone. It’s a great way to get to know them better to see if you really are compatible. A trip with your significant other should offer experiences to challenge you and to bring you closer together.

  1. Vibe together on the beach – Beach vacations are relaxing, luxurious, and have everything a couple needs to increase the romance. Koh Phangan, Thailand has a Dream Resort that would be perfect. Hawaii also has some amazing beaches to explore.
  2. Challenge Each Other – Going somewhere with a completely different culture can be stressful and challenging, but it can also allow you two to form a stronger team dynamic in your relationship. Head to a smaller city that speaks a different language for this type of experience, like Huacachina, Peru or Chengdu, China.
  3. Offer and Hand Overseas – You can both find a topic you’re passionate about and volunteer your time. This will bring you closer together for one common goal. Work Away allows you to volunteer your time in exchange for helping in some way. Mentor Travel’s expert, Hailey, spent time volunteering with her partner at the Kathmandu Animal Shelter in Nepal.

trip ideas mentor travel

A Group of Friends

Friends are a big part of your life. Sometimes you see them every weekend, and sometimes you only get to see them once a year during your annual getaway to the mountains. With larger groups, trips are more successful when there’s less traveling, and more diversity. This allows everyone to stay in one place at your “home base,” while offering different activities for each unique person’s interest.

  1. Cabin Retreat – You have skiing and snowboarding available for the active folks, and tubing and sledding available for the less active folks. And then everyone can pile around the fire place for drinks and games in the evening. Whistler, BC and Lake Tahoe, California offer some amazing ski resorts.
  2. City Cruising – Exploring a new city will be fun for everyone. You have bars, restaurants, historical land marks, art, and so much more in most major big cities. Prague, CZ and New Orleans, USA are both great cities for exploring.
  3. Food Inspired Trips – Most people can usually agree on one thing: Food is good. A trip with food as your inspiration is never a bad idea. Sonoma County, CA is perfect for wine lovers, while Brussels, Belgium is a chocolate lover’s paradise.
trip ideas mentor travel
If there’s no embarrassing photos of someone, did a family vacation really happen?

Family Vacations

Trips with family members usually have people of all ages. And there’s usually a lot of you. It’s important to plan a trip that will reduce stress, not cause it. Similarly to traveling with friends, you’ll want a destination that can accommodate everyone’s interests. However, limiting instances that may cause stress is very important.

  1. One Stop Shops – A place that has it all in one area is a great idea for traveling with family. Large amusement parks are what we recommend for this. Ideas include Disney Land Paris, Cedar Point, and Hershey Park.
  2. Visit Family – This is a great time to get everyone together to go see relatives. If you have family in another state or country, get the gang together and go see them. They’ll be able to help keep everyone entertained.
  3. Educational Trips – Learning can be disguised in a vacation, and it benefits everyone. You get to learn knew things while spending fun time with everyone. Boston, MA allows you to learn about American history. A trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia will allow everyone to learn more about the ocean.

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Traveling offers some amazing experiences and opportunities. It’s worth every second, and each person can benefit from it. Make sure to choose one of our trip ideas to make the perfect vacation. Let us know what your favorite trips is you’ve been on and who was with you in the comments below! As always, make sure to contact us for help planning your next trip!


Happy Travels!

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