Lummi Island – Washington’s Perfect Getaway

Washington State is one of the most beautiful places in the country. It has the ocean, the mountains, and there’s greenery everywhere you look. With such an awesome backdrop, there are some pretty fun getaways in the state. If you’re familiar with Washington State at all, you’ve probably heard of the popular getaways like Leavenworth, and the San Juan Islands. The San Juan Islands are an extremely popular destination for nature lovers. If you look just a tad north of them, you will find a small dot on the map called Lummi Island.

Lummi Island is Washington’s hidden gem. It’s not well known, but has so much to offer. It’s 9 square miles of magnificent landscape and culture and a whopping population of about 800 people. If you’re looking for an intimate getaway, this place is perfect. With it being so small, you have views of the water from everywhere you go.

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How to Get There

Lummi Island is located in the Puget Sound between Bellingham Bay and Lummi Bay. About two and a half hours north of Seattle and past Bellingham, you’ll come to the Lummi Island Ferry. It has a 15 minute boat ride to get there. If you’ve taken a ferry ride from Seattle or Edmonds before, this is nothing like it. You can drive about 15 cars on this ferry and your vehicle is right by the water. If the sound is choppy that day, the waves can crash up against your car. It’s a pretty fun experience.

lummi island mentor travel

Where to Stay

Lummi Island has a lot of options for accommodations. Airbnb has some good options under $100. Where else can you find beachfront property for under $100? Lummi Island is one of the only places in Washington that I know of. There’s also the Willows Inn on the island with a good restaurant inside. I had an Airbnb right on the beach with a view of the Cascades and a killer view of the sunrise.

lummi island mentor travel

Where to Eat

Believe it or not, this place does have some quality food options on the island. If your accommodation has a kitchen, make sure to do your shopping before you get on the island. They have a little market, but it’s not what you’re used to. Bellingham has a Fred Meyers and Winco you can stop by on your way up for groceries. The Islander Grocer Store is perfect for last minute purchases and meals. They have the basics of everything you’ll need. I found that they had champagne and orange juice, so they definitely met my expectations.

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I had an amazing brunch at the Beach Store Cafe, so make sure to put time aside for this place. They have an huge outdoors area with live music in the summer time and warm coffee in the winter time. You can also grab a good meal at the Willow Inn I mentioned earlier.

lummi island mentor travel

What to Do

With the island being only 9 square miles,  you’re probably wondering what there is to do on this small piece of land. The reason this location is Washington’s perfect getaway is because you can do what ever you want. If you came for a relaxing getaway, you’ll have just that because of the lack of people on the island. During my stay, I didn’t see anyone unless I went somewhere, like the grocery store or the restaurants.

The beaches and trails and streets I walked on were all isolated, and it was so nice to have some privacy. Being from Seattle where there are people all over the place, alone time is very valuable. If you’re looking for some suggestions that are not just you enjoying your own time, here are some fun things that I was able to do:

lummi island mentor travel

1. Curry Preserve

This is a great spot to walk and get outside for a bit during your trip. It makes for a nice stroll with some beautiful scenery to look at. The trail itself is not paved, but it’s pretty easy. There’s very little elevation gain and the pathways are very well cleaned up. There’s a few benches on the way to relax if you need.

2. Drive the island

You can do this in about 15 minutes. There’s no public roads that take you completely around the island, so you’ll only actually see about half of it. Along the west side near Village Point, there was a nice sea wall with a lot of graffiti art on it, it was a cool site.

3. Sunset Beach

In case you want to see another beach during your stay, this is a good one. There’s an area for public parking area and a short walk down the trail to the beach.

4. Baker Preserve Trail

This is a trail for those that can handle a bit of a climb. It’s not too challenging, but it is steep. The views on the top make it so worth it.

5. Get on wheels

The roads are windy and deserted, this makes it a paradise for bicyclists and long boarders. With so few cars on the roads, you’ll usually have the roads to your self.

6. Hop in the water

With the beach so close, you’ll have easy access for kayaking. You will have to bring you own, however, as there are no rentals that I saw on the island. Some of the Airbnb hosts may have some to loan you.

7. Enjoy life

The views, the people, and the sound all make this place a wonder for any type of person. Relax and remember how beautiful this life is.

lummi island mentor travel

Lummi Island is a place that most Washingtonians haven’t even heard of. So if you’re looking for the perfect getaway, plan a trip to Lummi Island before the rest of them find how amazing this place is. Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever heard of Lummi Island!

Happy Travels!

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