The Ultimate Gay Pride Bucket List

The weather is getting warmer, the drinks are getting colder, and the streets are starting to be fill up with rainbow colored crosswalks. We all know what this means – Pride season is upon us! Whether you’re ready or not, it’s happening, and we have the ultimate gay pride bucket list.

Grab your party pants, your rainbow glitter, and get ready to shake what your mamma (or dadda) gave you. For a list of local pride parades you can attend, visit HERE.

1. Research Your Community

Did you know the oldest gay bar in the United States is in New Orleans? Or that the first gay rights organization was founded in Chicago? The first item on our gay pride bucket list is to research your community. It’s just as important to know the history of gay pride in the world, as it is in your local community.

2. Watch a Drag Show

The world is full of some amazingly talented drag queens and kings. As a cis-gendered woman in Seattle, I can say that the drag queens I have seen can sport a dress a million times better than I can. Bravo ladies. And the kings… Don’t even get me started. They are all so good looking and have some amazing moves.

3. Join the Parade

Many organizations and groups march in the parade each year, so you can easily find one to join. If you’re a lesbian with a motorcycle, you can join the Dykes on Bikes. If you have a friend that works for Amazon, let them sign you up as a guest. There’s a lot of options you have to join the parade, and the march is so worth it.

4. Dance Your A** Off

Bars and clubs have always been an important safe space for the LGBT community. If you decide to drink or not, they are definitely worth attending. Most of the time you can find block parties hosted by your local gay bar with events that match almost anything you’re looking for – leather parties, lesbian nights, POC events, etc. This is also a great place to meet like minded individuals for friendships, partners, or a drinking buddy for a night.

5. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

If you don’t try something new this year, you’ll be staying within that small comfort zone, and not learning anything about your community. I challenge everyone to attend an event you haven’t seen before. Go check out that leather bar, or strike up a conversation with a drag king, or go to a Trans POC dance party. We can all learn to love each other and our differences.

6. Grab a Smooch

Consensual, that is. Everyone is happy to be here and high on life. Grab that pretty someone and celebrate how amazing it is being queer. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gay boy kissing a straight boy, just celebrate life. This is also the one time of year you’ll be surrounded by so many gays, so the excuse that lesbians hide at home with their cats all day does not apply right now. Grow some balls, and just say hi!

7. Deck out in Some Gay Gear

Pride is about being able to express yourself. This is one of the few events that you will be applauded for dressing up and showing some crazy outfits. Wear a shirt with naked people on it, wear a fairy costume, wear rainbow tights, or don’t wear anything at all. It’s completely up to you.

8. Take a Shot With a Stranger

One of the best parts of pride is the beautiful people you meet. Literally everyone you will see is accepting and supportive, if not gay themselves. Don’t be afraid to start up a conversation with someone new, chat about life, what you love about being gay, what you hate about it, and everything in between. And while you’re at it, buy them a shot because they’re gorgeous.

9. Scream Your Favorite Gay Song Anthem

Pride weekend will be full of all the gay song anthems. You’ll hear some Cher, Madonna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, and so much more amazing music. Make sure to listen for your favorite songs and scream all the lyrics at the top of your lungs like there’s no tomorrow.

10. Attend a Pride Sports Event

We might not all love sports, but we all love pride. Attending your local team’s pride event is a great way to get out and about the week before the parade. And what’s so bad about watching a bunch of boys in tight pants? 😉

11. Don’t Judge – Celebrate

You are going to see every type of person imaginable at your local pride events. Make sure you celebrate the diversity, don’t single it out. Celebrate the babies in the audience along with the LGBT elders. Dance with your Caucasian twinks with your trans women of color. Enjoy the butch lesbian with the cute dachshunds on the end of her leash. We are all here to celebrate, so just show love all around. The last item on our gay pride bucket list is all about acceptance and showing love all around.

If you’re in the Seattle area, check out our guide to the LGBT scene in Seattle! Enjoy your local pride event, and have a blast checking off everything on our gay pride bucket list. Let me know which pride event you will be attending in the comments below!

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