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Islanda Hideway Resort
Welcome to Islanda Hideway Resort!

Islanda Hideaway  Resort is a beautiful, quiet, resort located in Krabi province of Thailand. It is most well known for its beautiful beaches, like Railay beach, snorkeling, diving, and climbing. All of these fun activities can be experienced from Islanda Hideaway Resort. Krabi Province is in the south of Thailand and is huge. It extends from Koh Lanta all the way over to Ao Nang up to almost Koh Sok (Khao Sok) National Park and includes the very famous Phi Phi Islands. Islanda Hideaway  Resort is in the prime location to experience many of the wonders of Krabi Province.


Getting there:

Islanda Hideway Resort
Map Courtesy of Islanda Hideway Resort

Getting to the Islanda Hideaway Resort can be a bit tricky if a prepick up isn’t arranged. If you get a package this pickup and drop off is included in the price. The reason it’s difficult to get to Islanda Hideaway Resort is that it’s located on the outskirts of a mangrove forest. For those of you who don’t know mangroves live in shallow parts of the river and ocean and create new land. This means that the areas around the forest are slightly boggy and full of areas that are flooded by the tides of the ocean. To get to the Islanda Hideaway Resort from Krabi Town you have to take a boat across the ocean at the Tha-le pier to get to the small island land mass which has the Islanda Hideaway Resort and the small town of Ko Klang. Once on the other side of the water canal, it’s easy for you to get to the resort as any Tuk-Tuk driver will know where the resort is. Islanda Hideaway Resort is about a 20-minute drive from the pier.

Make sure the resort knows your coming so that they can pick you up from the airport or at Lomprayah it makes your life very easy.


Islanda Hideway Resort
Bedroom at the Islanda Hideway Resort.

Just like it states on their website Islanda Hideaway Resort is minimalist but cozy at the same time. We were really impressed with the room design because it was built to be very open, if wanted, to the outdoors. Each set of doors opens into an airy antechamber that is directly open to the outdoors but with a roof. To the left and right are either the bedroom area or the bathroom-living room area. It was really nice to have this separation because it allowed for more privacy when changing and showering. The bedrooms each had a DVD player and nice TV with cable. There is also a fan and AC unit which was nice that there was this option. Our favorite feature was the deck and comfy chairs looking out over the ocean or pool. An awesome feature of the toilets in these bungalows was that the shower was open air so it allowed you to comfortably feel like you were in a jungle when showering. It also made the bathroom really spacey and fresh.


Krabi Province Islanda Hideaway Resort
A yummy meal with my dad at Islanda resort.

The restaurant at Islanda Hideaway Resort is very delicious and is relatively decently priced. All of the food at their restaurant is locally sourced and sometimes grown right on the property. Their chefs serve excellent Thai food. I must say we never tried the Western food but from what I saw of it, it looked scrumptious. When you get a packaged breakfast is included. This is excellent because the breakfast at Islanda Hideaway Resort is really top notch. They provide the standard egg options with toast and fruit that you can get at any restaurant but they also always have fresh yummy cheeses, salad makings with great dressings, and sometimes depending on the day a special small side dish. This really is the only restaurant in the area, it makes deciding where to eat super easy!

Islanda Hideaway Resort also has a full-service bar. The bar serves drinks at the restaurant and the pool. It’s full service so you can get pretty much any drink you might fancy. Their drinks are a bit more expensive but if you go during happy hour (from 3-5) you get a two for one special which is a great deal! The one caveat is that they have to be the same drink. No mixing and matching!


The pool at Islanda Hideaway Resort is very expansive. It’s an infinity pool that looks out right over the water. During high tide, it can feel as if you are swimming in the ocean. It’s centrally located and is right on the beach. I really liked the pool because of it’s length and also because at one end of the pool there is a sit-down area with seats. This area took the idea of hot tubs and included strong jets to help massage out the aches and pains in your body. This spot also conveniently overlooks the kid area, so you can relax while your kids play. Also, the Islanda Hideaway Resort has free bike rentals and kayaking options to for when you get tired of swimming.

Islanda Hideway Resort
It’s hard to tell where the pool ends and the sea starts!


Islanda Hideaway Resort has four different package options. You can find them on the front page of the website. These are all focused on hosting two or four persons but if you wanted to get a package for a larger group, I know they would work with you to do that. The best and easiest way to contact them is via email at They always respond quickly. Each package includes pickup and drops off out of the resort which is really a necessity to get here. Also, they all include breakfast and most include dinners most or every night. In essence, these packages include all of the boarding costs and food with the exception of lunch which is sometimes provided depending on the package. From there they start to vary from the length of stay to activities. The Koh Klang discovery package is the shortest and is 3 days of fun and activities. The longest packages are seven days long. With the exception of The Solitary Escape package which just includes food and lodging, all packages include island hopping and snorkeling.

Other activities included in many of these packages are:

Mangrove Tours
Krabi Province Islanda Hideaway Resort
Mangrove roots they are so versatile.

Mangroves are a very prominent and common feature in the Krabi Province. Mangroves by nature are very buggy so make sure to pack some bug spray. Apart from the bugs, they are beautiful! Seeing their stilt-like roots coming out of the river is really neat. It’s even cooler to know that these roots are able to filter out salt, breath oxygen, and catch dirt and silt making land and also new habitat for fish. The roots are why mangroves are so hardy! These trees are incredible and you’ll be surprised that your guide doesn’t get lost as he weaves through the canals.

Jungle Hikes

We didn’t get to go on a jungle hike while we were in Krabi Province, but I have done other jungle hikes in Thailand and they are always fun. It’s almost a guarantee you’ll see monkeys. They may be cute but don’t feed them! They can become aggressive when fed. In addition to monkeys, you’ll see some beautiful birds, maybe some insects, and really curved and ancient trees. It’s totally worth your time if you have the opportunity take a hike! Don’t forget bug spray, long pants, hiking shoes, and long sleeve jumper to protect you from the sun and insects.

Cooking Class

We had a wonderful cooking class at Islanda Hideaway Resort. Mr. Big is the lead chef and oversees the cooking class. He’s a funny man and makes the cooking class fun. It’s cool because when you are cooking you get to see the unique ingredients in each dish and you flavor it to your preference. Plus, you’ll get to show off to your friends when you get home your new Thai cooking style.

Village Tour with Lunch
Islanda Hideway Resort
Painting cloth on the village tour.

I can’t emphasize how small Koh Klang Village is.  The main livelihood of its people revolves around the sea and this fish market/restaurant. My favorite part of the tour was when we got to make these really neat cloth paintings. I don’t know anything about cloth or fabric making so it was all very new and interesting to me. While on this tour, I realized how important tourism is to this area. This tour won’t be like your everyday village tour because the area is so poor, but it’s nice to see how you being there can have such a direct positive impact on the people who live there. For lunch, you have the chance to eat at the fish restaurant. This was probably my least favorite meal I ate here, but that being said the food was good. It just wasn’t how I would like my food cooked.

Kanabnam Mountain Cave
Krabi Province Islanda Hideway resort
Skeleton in ancient cave in Krabi

These are some very ancient caves and have been inhabited for a long long time. In this cave, they had found skeletal remains of ancient humans. It’s been remarkably well preserved considering that not only has it been lived in for a long time but also it was used as a hideout in WWII. The old opening to the cave is this narrow dark hole with a small ladder. It’s so creepy and claustrophobic I admire those people who had to climb through it daily. Nowadays, fortunately, there is a huge staircase into the cave. This cave also has really nice stalagmites and stalactites. There is a small entrance fee of 20 baht a person.


Islanda Hideaway Resort is a wonderful and relaxing place to stay. Islanda Hideaway Resort has an excellent location as it is out of the way of the main tourist path but is close to all of the major destinations that you’d want to see while visiting Krabi Province. Let us know how you liked your stay and what your favorite activity was in the comments below or by sending us an email at We can’t wait to hear from you!

Islanda Hideway Resort
Beautiful Railey beach!


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