Hong Kong will never be the same after our interview with Trevellers

Interview with Trevellers

Meet the inspiring author for Trevellers!

Hi, I am Lisa. I’m always fascinated by diversity and cultural differences. Living in Singapore, I grew up in a multicultural and multiracial community and it has served me well. Then, I began to get out of Singapore to discover even more differences. I have learned and experienced so much that all I want is to leave footprints in new destinations and share my stories. Hong Kong is the reason I started my site Trevellers; to share my experiences and to inspire others to follow my footsteps. What I enjoy most about Hong Kong is its balance with skyscrapers and mother nature. She offers the same fast-paced city life from Mondays to Fridays, yet the calming serenity of nature during the weekends.

Hi, I’m Lisa!

The best thing about travel is the people you meet. Throughout my time in Hong Kong, I always heard amazing stories from travelers, backpackers, and adventure seekers. The stories, their open-mindedness, and their experiences never failed to inspire me. I always loved journaling and sharing my experiences and thoughts. I also love travel and I thought, why not add both together! As such, I hope to share my own adventure stories in hope to inspire you like how others have inspired me.

Tell me about a day in your life currently.

Since I am currently working on my upcoming travel guidebook, “Trevellers City Guide: Hong Kong”, that is what I am primarily busy with every day. So typically, I wake up, work on the book, have my lunch, work on Trevellers (including writing travel hacks, interviewing frequent travelers) and then planning my next trip!

What is one of your favorite travel stories to tell?

It has to be the time I contemplated death.

It all began on a fateful day after a massive thunderstorm. We decided to carry on with our plan of hiking the 10 waterfalls secret trail in Hong Kong. It was a horrible decision.

I had a breakdown, lost my damn shoes 30% into the hike and literally had life flash before my eyes. The hike is beyond what you can imagine and only those that hiked together can understand how crazy it is. The ability to put that experience into words is definitely beyond me, but I will do my best to share as much as possible.

  1. It was raining so everything was slippery (and hiking through 10 waterfalls)
  2. No one had any idea of the route (we ended up being in the middle of nowhere)
  3. It was rock climbing without proper gears (I had no shoes, remember?)

Other people called this trail “no chance for error”.

I wore my covered shoes, ready for this hike. Unfortunately, during the first 10% of the hike, my right sole was on the brink of coming off. Worried, I walked slowly. When we reached the first waterfall, I took off my shoes and place them nicely on a rock to prevent it from any further destruction. Well, there were not any further destruction, but guess what? The waterfall had such a strong current that it literally swept my right shoe down the river!

Look at that beautiful view! I love Hong Kong!

We had absolutely no proper gears. Throughout the hike, we went through waterfall terrains, wet rocks, dense vegetation, proper roads, hiking trails, rock climbing and basically all the possible terrains in the world except for snow. (Thank God for that!) I remember grabbing on to trees, shrubs, trunks, stones, rocks and people’s hands to get across. Everything was very steep and you had to crouch low to prevent yourself from rolling down the mountain. The craziest part, in my opinion, was the part where we had to rock climb for hundreds of meters (not kidding). I felt like a zombie then, exhausted from emotions, simply grabbing the next stone and pushing myself up. I have to thank the crazy company I had with me (especially Juong and Ester) that kept encouraging me through the crazy hike.


Where is a favorite place that you have visited? Why?

Hong Kong was my first home outside of Singapore, where I grew up. Hence, it will always remain my special place. Another place is Rome, Italy! Rome simply takes your breath away.

I remember the first time I step foot into the city of Rome. The old stone walled Colosseum, the Spanish steps, the coin toss in the Trevi fountain. I had a gelato in summer, pizza by the Roman Forum, spending tireless days walking through the little streets. The setting sun was shining on my happy smile. My heart stopped beating.

What does success for your blog look like for you?

It is the one-stop platform for frequent travelers to share their tips, hacks, and secrets.

Every author has a login platform to share their stories. They also have a calendar to share their travel dates. People looking for travel companions can travel together.

How do you fund each of your trips?

I am also a consultant for businesses to expand to Asia and people who are starting their new business. Sometimes, I also work with brands when I travel.

Do you run your own website? If so what has been the easiest and hardest part of designing and running your site?

Yes. Designing and running my site was really tough when I first started. But soon, I learn and gain skills to become better. I built my consultancy website in 60 hours from scratch including content, pages, and design!Trevellers

Is it difficult for you to manage your time between traveling, blogging, and working? If so what are some techniques you developed to manage everything?

Yes, definitely. It is all about time management. I always wanted to blog and share my adventures in life. I know that many people who love reading adventures and that pushes me on. When things get tough, I remember why I started and keep going!

What was your vision when you first started your blog and how does your current blog compare?

Oh, that brings me back. When I first started, it was unprofessional, messy and cluttered. Today, it is clean, professional and organized. That also reflected the vision of the blog. Before, I wanted Trevellers to be a personal blog to share my journey. But as I traveled more, I met other travelers with amazing stories to tell. So I thought it can evolve to a platform where frequent travelers can share their stories.

What are three must-have items that you bring on all your trips apart from the necessary items like passport, visa etc?

Smartphone (I can’t live without that!), laptop (to work) and water bottle.

Trevellers Lisa Tan
Contemplating nature.

If you could pick a movie that represents your life what would it be?

This is a tough one. I can’t think of any right now but the first that came into my mind is “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty” – traveling, living life to the fullest and inspiring others along the way.

What are some tips you’d tell your best friend (and our readers) about how to run a successful blog?

I actually just told my best friend this!

  • Get good hosting!!
  • Clean & clear layout
  • Professional theme
  • Colors that are easy to the eyes
  • Quality content

Let me know if I missed anything. Do you have any other thoughts you’d like to share?

Let me know if you are starting out your travel blog! I would love to help. I recommend Studiopress for themes.Trevellers


Thanks for the lovely Trevellers interview Lisa! I am quite impressed with Trevellers and Hong Kong. I never knew that is was such a diverse city! When I visit I’ll make sure to email Trevellers for some great advice! Also, I loved this Treveller’s itinerary on Hong Kong’s Disneyland. I’m a Disney fan and will be exploring this park when I visit Hong Kong. If you aren’t in Hong Kong and are looking for a Disney fix check out our Disney post. Follow her on Facebook or feel free to email Lisa with any questions.

What did you think of the interview? Was it helpful useful? Does it make you want to visit Hong Kong? Have you been to Hong Kong leave a comment below or email us at hailey@mentortravel.org to share your experiences or have your travel questions answered.

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