Review of Sygic Travel Application on an Iphone

Review of Sygic Travel

Sygic Travel is a Czech based company that had the excellent idea of creating a Travel Planner and Itinerary Maker that is portable with the traveler. In my review of Sygic Travel, you’ll learn the in’s and out’s of how to use this app. My overall review of Sygic Travel is that it is a pretty solid app. There are a few things that I wish were slightly modified but this is a great starting point for a very promising application.

Review of Sygic Travel
Sygic Travel

About Sygic Travel

About the app, Sygic Travel App is designed to make planning your trip easy and quick. After you tell the app your next destination, the app will load all of its information about your country of travel. It allows you to build your own day to day itinerary. For each location that you add to a day, it calculates the total estimated time it will take you to visit each site during the day based off of the location of your place of stay. The app is nice because it can be used to plan from your computer and also from your phone. It also allows you to download all of your itinerary details to your phone so that you have it in offline mode.

Review of Sygic Travel Premium Version

Premium Version of Sygic Travel allows you to plan an unlimited number of trips and get offline maps, with step by step guidance navigation even in offline mode. The app is built off of open source data specifically from, Wikipedia, and user contributions. I found that this is evident when you use the app to visit countries that are less popular as there is less information on these countries than the more popular places.

Review of Sygic Travel Customer Service

I only used their customer service one time for a minor problem but I did find them to be very responsive and helpful. The “Help” search function on the app and that was actually quite useful. I was very pleased because most often the “Help” tools aren’t helpful at all. Sygic Travel is always looking to improve so their customer feedback team is very quick to respond and incorporate feedback.

How to use Sygic Travel App

Once you have created an account and logged into the app you’ll enter onto My Trips page.

  1. Click the + button at the top of the screen to create a new trip. It will ask for the destination and dates of travel to begin.
  2. Enter your destination and travel dates. Select Create Trip.

    Review of Sygic Travel
    The home screen of Sygic Travel

Once you have created a trip and entered your Trip Section you’ll come to a page with an iconic photo of your destination with small panels with options to help you plan your trip. Map, Places, Tours, Hotels, About (the city that your date is selected on), About (country of destination), Car Rentals, and Weather.  On the upper portion of this page are the dates.

  1. Click on the date and enter your first city and hotel. You can also find a hotel using this app or enter a hotel you have already booked. From there you can start looking at the map to find sites, activities, and restaurants. (I prefer to use the map to see all the neat sites, but you can also search for something specific, or sign up for tours.)
  2. Once you find something you like click on on the item and select save. It will add it to your daily schedule.

How to edit a day with Sygic Travel

Once you have added sites, you’ll notice that the circular part of your day will become more and more full.  I really like this feature because it reminds me to not plan too many activities in one day. I like being visually able to estimate how busy a day will be. Sygic Travel also estimates the total walking time to all of your saved activities and estimates the amount of time that you’ll be gone from your accommodation.

After adding sites and activities to a day, you can drag and drop, delete, or move locations and sites into the order that you’d prefer. It’s also possible to move sites onto a different day by holding it and dragging it to the left or right.

Review of Sygic Travel
Day itinerary
  • To delete something from your itinerary just press and hold on the item and select remove.
  • By clicking on the 3 dots in a row under the settings icon you can add notes, look on a map, or delete a day.

I really enjoyed this part of the app because it is a great way to keep your itinerary and sites organized. Sygic Travel also saved me hours of researching where to go and what to see because everything that I wanted to know I could find on the map.

Review of Sygic Travel to plan my  trip:

As I was planning my trip, I found the app useful to keep track of your days and location of where you are each day. One thing that I wish they would include is a night bus option for accommodation or night travel option. Because on this trip we used lots of night buses but I wasn’t able to input that into the app. Overall I was pretty impressed with how much information the app had included in its system. I found this very impressive. Because planning a trip to Myanmar is more challenging than most places because most of Myanmar is pretty off of the web, but Sygic Travel had a lot of information on the country in the app.

I loved using the app to find sites to see in each city and location we visited.  I liked how you are able to look at a map to include it in your itinerary. Once it’s added to your day, the app calculates the fastest route, time away from the hostel, and it also fills in the day circle. Also being able to visually see how busy your day is reminded me not to not jam pack everything into one day. It’s also very easy to drag and drop sites from day to day by clicking the site and dragging it left or right you can also do this for the order of sites too.

Review of Sygic Travel
Buddha hair temple in Myanmar discovered with Sygic Travel

I did find it really hard to delete sites. The way to delete a site is to click it and then there is a small icon that pops up in the bottom of the screen which you can select if you want to delete the site. I found this part the most frustrating and had to look it up. Overall this was the worst part of my user experience using the app. But they just made an update which allows you to hold and remove the site, so this shouldn’t be a problem anymore for future users.

How the app worked in-country

I liked having Sygic Travel while I was traveling. It was most useful to stay organized and prevented me from forgetting anything that I wanted to do or see. I didn’t find the navigation as useful. Because usually when I wanted to use it, wasn’t included on the itinerary. The app usually, it wasn’t very good at finding my new location. In my opinion, using other navigation tools are still better. I know that Sygic Travel has an update coming out soon. This is supposed to improve navigation offline, so this might get better.

Review of Sygic Travel
Yangon Monk in Myanmar

My overall Review of Sygic Travel-

4 out of 5 Stars

I would recommend this product to others. I found it super useful and time-saving for planning my trip. My one recommendation that would make it five stars is if they improved the offline navigation. It would also be great to be able to mark where you have been on the map. This is kind of like Maps Me.


My overall review of Sygic Travel is that is a great app that most travelers will find very useful. It’s a great way to get organized and saves you a lot of research time. Sygic Travel is very promising. Because they do listen to customer feedback and improve their app based off of user experience, which I really appreciate. It makes you feel valued to be one of their customers. Let me know what you think of my review of Sygic Travel. Did you find my review of Sygic Travel useful? Do you use  Sygic Travel? Leave your comments below or as always feel free to email me at We can’t wait to hear from you!

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  • July 16, 2020 at 3:43 pm

    Yes its good application. There is bigger travel community. Its international project too.


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