Your top 3 best places to stay in Myanmar

Myanmar is a huge diverese country. Because of it’s vastness, it can be hard to figure out where to visit, but don’t worry we have you covered in other blog post. If you have more time to visit Myanmar then you should definetly check out their beaches and archipeligos they are breathtaking. However back to our main issue of where are the best places to stay in Myanmar? If you have the option Ostello Bello hostels are defintely some of the best places to stay in Myanmar. If you are in Yangon where Ostello Bello doesn’t have a location yet then our recommendation for the best places to stay in Myanmar in Yangon are Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel and Baobabed Hostel.

The Best places to Stay in Myanmar


Yangon is a huge city and it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to stay in this big city. Assuming your tastes are similar to mine you are probably looking for cheap, clean, relatively in other words some of the best places to stay in Myanmar ;).

Location, Location, Location it’s all about that Location.

Another key component when I look for places to stay is that  is at a central or centralish location. It’s the worst when you get your accomodation and realize that it’s so far from everything that you have to take a taxi. I’ll admit my choices to stay in Yangon weren’t as central as I’d usually like, but they were still close enough that you can walk and/or taxi for cheap. On average a taxi from one of the main destinations in Yangon was about 5,000-8,000 Kyatt (about 6$.)

Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel

If I stayed in Yangon again I would definetly stay at this hostel again. Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel is one of the best places to stay in Myanmar. The reason why this hostel stands out so much is because each morning the hotel offered a breakfast that was what the owner’s family ate each day. I really loved getting the authentic Myanmar food experience because i’ll admit I wasn’t the biggest fan when I was traveling throughout Myanmar. Myanmar street food isn’t like in Thailand, where the food is good everywhere you go. Myanmar is one of those countries where it is hard to find good food, at least that was my experience as a visitor in Myanmar. I really liked the breakfasts they were large portions and really scrumptious.

best places to stay in Myanmar
Yummy Myanmar-style breakfast

Another reason why this hostel is one of the best places to stay in Myanmar is because the owner and his staff are very friendly. I was going to the embassy in Myanmar and he helped me print my tickets and paperwork for my visa and also made sure that I had crisp enough dollar bills to be accepted by t

best places to stay in Myanmar
Lobby of Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel

he embassies. Embassies are picky!!! Make sure that all of your bills for any sort of embassy are prisininte and not folded crinkled or even slightly ripped. I also had a one out of a thousand wierdexperiences there that wasn’t their fault. The staff was very helpful and accomodating. I loved my stay at Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel.


Also, Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel is in a nice neighborhood with lots of good restruants like sushi, Japanese food, Myanmar cuisine, and the hostel also sells good food too. Eat up!

Baobabed Hostel

This hostel is a little bit more upscale than the Shwe Yo Vintage Hostel. The decor is very modern and fancy? That might be too strong a term (obviously I’m not an interior decorater lol). As with all of my accomodations I always try and get a place to stay that has breakfast. Baobabed Hostel has a really nice breakfast, it’s all you can eat buffet style and the breakfast changes daily. It was local Myanmar cuisine usually with a more Western option like eggs.

best places to stay in Myanmar
The Baobabed Hostel making thanakha paste for its guests.

The staff at this hostel was very accomodating and helpful also. When I was there they had a very difficult hostel guest, and I thought that they handled the situation and the guest very well. I was quite impressed. The rooms and showers were clean, they had a nice rain shower. I also thought the beds were pretty soft compared to Thai beds. Thai beds are rocks. My one disclaimer with this hostel is that it is a entirely made up of levels, so there are many, many stairs. If you don’t like stairs or have trouble going up and down them,  this hostel isn’t for you. Otherwise Baobabed Hostel is another one of the best places to stay in Myanmar.

best places to stay in Myanmar
Learning about the thanakha paste traditionally worn by the women of Myanmar.

Outside of Yangon

Ostello Bello Hostels

This is a hostel chain that is run in the main cities of Lake Inle, Mandalay, and Bagan. It’s really well run, clean, and has a great atmosphere. Everyone who stays here are very friendly. It’s a fun place to meet people in all the hostels. All of them have a yummy breakfast too which is included in the price of your stay. These hostels are defintely some of the best places to stay in Myanmar.

Bagan When you stay at Bagan make sure you get the Ostello Bello Bagan Pool. Bagan is so hot you really have to be careful with the heat. Make sure to bring those electrolyte packets! But the best thing to do was to get up really early and sight see before it got hot. Around 11 or midday you’d return to the hostel and hang in the pool, then head back out again. It was wonderful! Also the hostel in the Bagan is made up of cute little bungalows that are painted bright colors. The hostel is also located really close to the many pagodas and stupas and some nice, but cheap restruants.

Mandalay The Mandalay Ostello Bello has a great atmosphere and is really fun. This hostel even has an elevator for those who don’t want to walk up the stairs. The staff is super friendly, the breakfast is good, the beds were clean and comfortable. Each dorm, from what I saw, has it’s own bathroom and shower which was really nice. I also enjoyed the big hang out area upstairs it was comfy and relaxing. Above the hangout area was a huge bar and party area. It was super duper fun and a great place to party. My one complaint about this hostel is the acoustics in the recpetion area were way too loud. Even with just a few people talking the room was deafening and I had a hard time hearing the receptionist. Other than that I loved this place and was sorry to leave.

best places to stay in Myanmar
Ostello Bello Bunks in Mandalay


I hope you enjoyed my list of the best places to stay in Myanmar. Finding places to stay to stay can be a bit difficult because Myanmar is newer to tourism so much of it isn’t online. I really enjoyed staying at this accomodations and I know you will too. Let me know your thoughts and opinions when you stay here. Have you stayed here before? Do you have any place that you’d like to add to my list? Leave comments below or feel free to email me at

(I don’t recieve any payment for any of these reviews they are solely my opinion. I do have affilaite links on this page. They don’t cost you anything to use and help to maintain this blog.)

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