Leave no more tampons after our Diva Cup Review

Diva Cup Review

*when I say Diva Cup note that there are other products out there that do the same thing like the Luna Cup, it’s just most commonly known as the Diva Cup which is why I call it that in the article.

My Inspiration for this Diva Cup Review

Diva Cup Review
Be flexible and free with your Diva Cup!

I decided to write this Diva Cup review because after living in Thailand for a year and a half, I realized that many women haven’t heard of this wonderful option. But what really triggered this article was my experience in Myanmar just a month ago. I’ll have more on that later. Essentially though people who live in SE Asia and the UK need to see a Diva Cup review.

I’ll admit when I first heard of the Diva Cup I was a bit apprehensive. Putting a cup into your vagina that collects blood? Sounds messy and like it might spill. Plus the Diva Cup was tagged as a hardcore feminist product but for those women who like to make art out of their menstrual blood. I certainly am a feminist but not one like that. Over the years, I started to hear more and more about menstrual cups. I had a friend try one and she loved it. Then a very close friend of mine tried her first one right before I  left for my trip. So as I left for Thailand I had Diva thoughts bouncing around the back of my head.

Living in Thailand taught me that the availability of tampons in the States was a luxury not available in Asian countries. Soon my girlfriend and I were begging our friends to send us tampons. We had a large freezer bag full of stockpiled tampons. It’s not that Thailand doesn’t have tampies, but that they are really expensive. A pack of 8 tampons is 12$ and it’s a bit more expensive for the super tampons, which we need. Finally, I was like enough is enough and when we went home this last Christmas a Diva cup was one my list of must-haves.

Adapting to the Diva Cup

The Diva cup does take a bit of getting used to but once you are hooked you don’t want to go back. Make sure to try it in an environment where you have time to experiment and time to readjust if you initially put it in wrong. Sometimes it’s nice to wear with a panty liner in case it leaks a little bit. If it’s put in properly it doesn’t leak at all, but sometimes I find that I’ve put it in slightly wrong and it leaks a little bit.

Overall I love it!! I don’t notice it and you can leave it in all day. Plus it’s cheap for 20$ you have 2-3 years supply of all the period products you need. You’ll never run out of tampons again.

Diva Cup Review
Cheesin! in Yangon

How do you clean it?

Cleaning after your period is really easy all we do is boil ours. I put it in as the water is starting to heat up wait for the water to boil and then I turn off the heat and let it sit in the hot water for another 5 minutes. In total it takes 10 minutes. During my cycle, every time I empty my Diva cup I rinse with the bum guns that they have here. This might be one of the best parts about living in SE Asia as a woman. How easy it is to clean your Diva Cup.

Benefits of the Diva Cup

  • Save money!
  • Eco and environmentally friendly.
  • Body Friendly- there are no pesticides and drugs going into your body with the diva cup. Tampons and pads are usually contaminated with pesticides.
  • No bathroom no problem!
  • The diva cup holds more than a tampon so you don’t have to change it as often if you have a heavy flow.
  • No more blood stained sheets.
  • Great for the end of your period when it’s not enough for a tampie but there is still some blood coming out.
  • Excellent for travel.
  • Appreciate your body and learn how it works.
  • Feel free!

Disadvantages of the Diva Cup

  • You have to directly deal with blood.
  • You need to feel comfortable touching yourself.
  • It can be hard to insert.
  • Can cause more cramping.
  • Can leak if not properly sealed.

Diva Cup Reviews from Real Users while being their awesome selves.

My Diva Story while traveling

So, I’ve been using the Diva Cup for a few months at this point and it’s time to start packing for my trip to Myanmar. I did the calculations and I realized that I would be almost on my period by the time I got back. But because we were moving literally the night before we left, I decided to risk it all and not pack a single thing! (I know, I know poor choice lol.) So I have a great trip and I met up with my friend from the states. On her last day she offers to leave her remaining tampons and pads with me as a just in case.

I was having some cramps so I accepted and mentally kept pleading with my body. “Just wait 3 more days! 3 more!” The efficacy of this technique as we all know is very minimal and I started my period soon after. After using my Diva Cup for the past few months, using a tampon was as different as night and day. In my opinion, the Diva Cup was far superior. I longed for it with a passion I had never thought I’d experience.

As my tampon supply dwindled I became a bit concerned and set out to seek more tampons. Because I was in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city, I thought for sure that my mission would be a success. I am not exaggerating when I say I visited at least 2 clinics/ medical facilities, 1 pharmacy, 2 quickie marts, and a major grocery store to find more tampons.  I couldn’t believe there were no tampons to be found!

I’d stumbled into a world without tampons…

Diva Cup Review

Diva Cup Review
A crowded pharmacy in Yangon… and no tampies!

My search was to no avail. There were none and to my shock and horror, no one knew what a tampon was or had seen one. (I had brought my last one with me in case of a language barrier.) At one point in line at a busy pharmacy, I was waving my lone tampon above my head, like a beacon of hope for womenkind in Myanmar, so that the pharmacist could see what I was asking for. That’s how crowded it was there wasn’t counter space. I wasn’t even embarrassed because no one even knew what it was.


After a long search, I finally had to make do with *ugh* pads. But it was in the rock bottom of period products that I realized how lucky I and we are to have period product options and how much I love the Diva cup.

Feedback from a Diva User J. P.

I had used it the day before at work. I found that it made my cramping worse and managed to leak a little on my underwear. I’m pretty sure I had it in right because the cup was filled but I didn’t like the residuals it left. It would be good to use with a panty liner.

Diva Cup Review User Jess

When I lived in my hometown, I discovered something called the Diva Cup. It completely changed my attitude about my monthly cycle. Instead of cramming tampons in my backpack and dreading going out on my period, I completely forgot about it. I changed it in the morning and at night and it lasted all day long.

Then I decided to move to Vietnam to teach English. Vietnam is hot, sweaty, and has very limited options when it comes to period products. So, of course, I packed my diva cup. After using it successfully for about four cycles, I was so excited to use it in Vietnam so I didn’t have to worry about where to find tampons or use the dreaded pad.

When my first cycle came around in Vietnam, my diva cup was packed away in my bag that was being shipped to me, so I was unable to use it. Luckily, I had my own tampons packed and I got through fine. By the time my second cycle came around, I had my diva cup and I was ready to forget about my period with it. But, for some reason, I kept leaking. It wasn’t as effective as it once was.

After lots of trial and error, I figured out that I wasn’t inserting it correctly. I had become so confident, I thought that I was a professional diva wearer (whatever that is) and could do no wrong. It just goes to show that you have to make sure you’re completing every step and to re-evaluate each part of the process. Now, I’m back to feeling invincible in my period.

And I’m so grateful to have my Diva Cup in Vietnam because bathrooms aren’t always equipped to dispose of your used tampon. There have been a few situations where I had to leave the bathroom with the used tampon in my hand to find a trash bin.

Feedback from Diva cup User Tay- Tay

8 years of monthly payments on tampons, really makes you think of how much money your throwing in the bin..literally. Growing up, playing sports, and constantly moving around makes periods messy and a hassle. I also have crazy long, draining, heavy cycles. The thought of my period arriving whenever and always having to carry tampons for those unexpected leaks isn’t what I want to be doing still at age 27.

Personally, I would have never even considered using a Diva Cup, but after all of my friends were raving about it and the fact that you can wear it longer then a normal super plus tampon. I was on board to at least give it a try.

One year later I’m happy to say that I LOVE it. I can go on and on giving this little silicone cup the praise it deserves. There are times it can be tricky, making sure you have the right placement. But I was completely shocked I was able to go basically the whole day without overflowing it. I’ve been living abroad for the last two year traveling to many countries. It’s such a relief to not have to think about finding tampons in foreign places and wasting recourses. Also the fact that it’s healthier for your body is great. I still can’t believe the joys and relief of a little money saving silicone cup.



Diva cup Review
From one pussy to another I present to you the Diva Cup!

I hope you found this Diva Cup review useful. The Diva Cup is a great invention and should be more widely available around the world. This Diva cup review is meant to help others become informed and have the option to make the right choice for themselves. We all deserve options and knowledge for the best ways to treat our bodies. This Diva Cup review isn’t sponsored and contains true stories. What did you think of our Diva Cup review? Did you find our Diva Cup review useful? Are you going to buy a Diva Cup now? If you want to learn more about Myanmar or Yangon look no further! Leave your questions, comments, thoughts, experiences,  below in the comments or email me at hailey@mentortravel.org. I love reading your emails!

4 thoughts on “Leave no more tampons after our Diva Cup Review

  • June 25, 2018 at 4:55 pm

    Thanks for spreading the word about menstrual cups. They are a much, much better option for travelers than tampons are. I used to hate searching around in random drugstores in a place I didn’t know looking for my favourite brand of tampons. Blah!

    • June 26, 2018 at 8:22 am

      Your welcome Jackie! I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I totally understand the feeling although it does provide an interesting peek into the lives of women from wherever you are traveling. Still, I’ll never travel without my menstrual cup again.

    • March 3, 2019 at 6:30 am

      I’m glad you enjoyed the article! Did it make you want to use a menstrual cup?


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