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Hi Ladies!  I was inspired to write this packing list for women after returning from Myanmar and realizing just how lucky many of us are to have access to our period products.

Our Pro Packing List for Women

Life was really crazy in April so I wasn’t thinking as clearly about what my packing list should be. The night before our trip to Myanmar we had moved to a new house so literally everything was in bags and boxes. Needless to say I wasn’t as organized as I usually am when packing for my trip and I forgot some very key ingredients. If only I’d had this packing list for women to help me out. So hopefully this packing list for women will help you out and save you from similarly uncomfortable situations that I found myself in while I was traveling.

1. Diva cup-

First of all I’ve decided I’m never traveling without this. On all packing lists for women, a DIVA CUP must be on it. This trip I decided not to bring anything for my period because I was supposed to be home before I started. I knew I was cutting it close, but I was really tired of packing and I didn’t want to find mine. Anyways, of course, my period started and if it hadn’t been for my fabulous friend. I would have been up a creek without a paddle.

Diva cup Review packing list for women
From one pussy to another I present to you the Diva Cup!

As it was I still ran out of tampons. In a desperate search, I want to at least 5 different stores, pharmacies, quickie marts, doctors offices, and clinics asking for a tampon. Ladies in Myanmar, even Yangon that’s where I was, they just don’t have em! All they had were pads. Yuck!! Every place I went I had to bring out my last tampon and hold it up for inspection. They had truly never seen one before. ALL packing lists for women must make sure to include a Diva Cup. Or if you don’t like them then bring some tampons. Find out more about how great traveling with a diva cup is in our other blog post.

2. Birth Control and Condoms-

As we all know humans are very sexual creatures and let’s face it. We like having sex so whenever you go on a trip always make sure you have condoms and birth control. Even if your not single and have a partner condoms can still con-dom in handy as a chip bag sealer. (Think as a rubber band.) You can also use them open stuck jars of food and probably most importantly to keep your phone dry.

Sometimes birth control pills are readily available in other countries over the pharmacy, but make sure to discuss with your doctor which one is right for you.

3. Hair Ties-

I’m very particular with my hair ties. So, when I moved abroad I made sure that I brought a large supply of hair ties to last me until forever. Same with my girlfriend, she has one type of her tie that she really likes. Each country usually has their own har tie preference. So because most women are particular about what they use in their hair I’ve made sure to include it on this super packing list for women.

4. Conditioner-

I always recommend bringing a small airplane-sized bottle of conditioner over shampoo. I recommend this because shampoo is readily available in most hostels and hotels, but good conditioner is usually scarce. We all know how important good conditioner is to hair health, so make sure you don’t forget to pack it. If you are going to India or Nepal, you are in for a treat they have the best hair products make sure to try them out! You can try some of their hair products from Amazon check out the Himalayas line of lotions and hair care products.

5. Lotion-

There is nothing that dries you out more than traveling and flying. That’s why a travel-sized lotion is a must on our packing list for women. Even if you aren’t able to shower putting lotion on dry hands can really make you feel like a million bucks. Showering and not having lotion to put on is the worst so make sure to pack your favorite lotion because sometimes it can be hard to find or a pain to find.

Diva Cup Review packing list for women
Women all around the globe want beautiful skin, that’s why Myanmar’s women use their tree bark powder to protect their faces.

6. Face Wash-

Just like traveling dries out your skin, it can also be really hard on your facial skin. Keeping it clean is a must. Besides washing your face, to keep it healthy you’ll also want to make sure to use some of that lotion you packed and lotion it too.  Also drinking a lot of water really helps prevent chapped lips and acne. To make sure that you feel top notch don’t forget your exfoliating facial wash. These aren’t very popular in some countries so if you forget it you might be SOL. That’s why we made sure to include it on our ultimate packing list for women.

7. Scarf-

I have a scarf that I always take with me wherever I travel. Scarves are useful as sun protectors, outfit sprucer-uppers, dust protectors, head wraps, sweat rags, and eye shields (for when you need to nap during the day.)

Diva Cup Review packing list for women
Cheesin! from Yangon with my travel scarf

Also, packing a scarf isn’t enough. This lesson took me a while to learn. Everyone A travel scarf is different from an every-day-use scarf. A travel scarf should be light and basic. Most importantly YOU need to be comfortable wearing and using the scarf. I used to pack a scarf because everyone always said I should but I never used it because I didn’t feel comfortable with it. Pack a scarf that fits your style and makes you feel comfortable and confident.

8. Headphone adapter for a phone case and/or split headphones

It’s always crucial to pack headphones, but we didn’t want you to forget your headphone adapters. Which is why we included it on our packing list for women. If you are traveling with a buddy there will be times when you’ll want to share music or watch a show together. Having a headphone splitter and all adapter cords will make traveling much more enjoyable and relaxing since you won’t have to listen to real-world noises from your one headphone-less ear.

Also, if you have a phone case that requires an adapter (like a life proof case) don’t forget to pack that. There’s nothing more annoying then wanting to use the audios of your phone only to realize that you need an adapter. Same with any blue tooth headphones don’t forget those charging cables!

9. Portable Battery-

A portable battery is excellent for travel because you can charge your phone and gear on the go. It makes those 15+ hour bus or train rides a breeze because you know that you’ll have juice for all your electronics for the whole journey. It’s also a safety issue too. It’s important to be able to track your location on taxis, Uber, or any mode of transportation to make sure that you are going where you are supposed to go. This way you can also make sure that your phone is charged so that you can stay in contact with the outside world.

10. Angry Pussy-

This is one of my favorite things to travel with. Luckily, I haven’t needed to use it  but it’s a good unnoticeable self-defense device. I always travel with my travel string for hotel keys and stuff. So I always make sure my angry pussy is hooked to it too. If you ever were in danger all you’d have to do is put your fingers in the holes and stab your attacker in the stomach, eyes, etc. I always feel a lot more secure wherever I go with this awesome inconspicuous tool.

Packinglist for women
My angry pussy!

11. Packing Cubes-

As women, we pack a lot of clothes. That’s why I want you to know about these awesome packing cubes and they are included on our packing list for women. Packing cubes allow you to neatly pack a few days worth of outfits all into one neat little cube space. Then you just pack these into your suitcase or backpack and viola you are organized and don’t look like you packed very much! You can even color coordinate your cube colors to keep track of each outfit. We use them to travel and they are the best.

12. Small Purse/ or Fanny pack-

I often forget to pack a small purse or fanny pack/(bum bag for you UK folk), so I thought I should include it on my packing list for women. I like having a small bag or fanny pack because it keeps me organized when I go out. I’m less likely to lose my wallet, phone, and keys if it’s all in one space, especially when I’m wearing something without pockets. It also makes you less of a target for theft because small bags don’t stand out. And since they are small they are easy to pack to fit into your suitcase. All in all, I highly recommend making sure that you have one packed.


I hope you find this packing list for women useful. I’ve put all my years of travel mishaps and knowledge into this list to benefit all women travelers. Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts did you find this list useful? Did I forget to include something? Of course there are other important items that could be on this packing list for women but I tried to eliminate items to the most important ones. As always leave your comments below! Or feel free to email us at

Packinglist for women


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