Discover the must see destinations in Spain in 2 weeks

Spain is an ancient, proud, and fun country. It has a rightful place on any travel’s list of places to visit maybe even repeatably. There are so many destinations in Spain to see that it can be hard to figure out where to visit. We’ll focus on the southern destinations in Spain today that you can see on a two week trip. There are plenty of northern destinations in Spain to check out also!

Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
My study abroad crew in Sevilla!

Why Spain?

Spain is near and dear to my heart because I studied abroad there for a few months during my time at university. I visited many great destinations in Spain while I was there and I want to share them with ya’ll, my readers. I love the people of  Spain. They are friendly, warm, and inviting.  They always make you feel comfortable and at home wherever you are in their vast country. When you visit, I know you’ll have the same dancing, tapa-filled, historical time that I did when visiting. Salud!!

Getting there:

For this trip, I’d recommend landing in Madrid. This is also the cheapest place usually to land no matter where you are coming from.

Eurail pass or not?

Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
The beautiful streets of Spain.

When I was visiting Europe I loved having my Eurorail pass. I really think it was worth the money, because it allowed me to easily travel on their extensive train network. Because of the pass I also felt a sense of security and community. I felt a sense of security because I was traveling by myself, and was of course on a budget, so it was very reassuring to know that all of my transport was there and paid for whenever I needed it. Traveling by train also brought me closer to the people who lived in the area and was a great way to meet local travelers. (All you have to do is make sure that you don’t sit in a booth by yourself, as tempting as that may be.) I highly recommend using it!

About the Eurail Pass

There are a few different options for the Eurorail pass. You can get a regional pass (the most expensive), a multi country pass, or a single country pass. The single pass is the cheapest. After you choose the type of pass you want, which for this trip you’d want the single country pass. Then you can choose the amount of days that you need. The pass is flexible remember so all you have to do is figure out on which days you’ll need it to travel. For this trip you should be okay with the 4-5 day pass. This depends a bit on which places you want to see. The price for the pass is between 212-235 euros which is 249$-278$. My favorite part about the Eurorail pass is that is a FLEX pass. This means you don’t need to use it all consecutively. These passes rock!

Destinations in Spain:


Madrid is the most famous of the destinations in Spain to visit. It is the exact center of the country and also the capital.

  • Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol- are two really ancient and historic plazas and are a must see when you visit Madrid. They are located close together.
  • Parque de Buen Retiro- this is a free public park which used to be only accessible to the monarchy. I recommend spending an afternoon at the park enjoying the scenery and maybe have a picnic.
  • A night out exploring tapas in the town. Option 1 or 2. Option 1 is in the Salamanca district which I really like. Chamberi is the part of the city that will be explored in Option 2. Both tapa options are away from much of the tourist traps.Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
Museums, Restaurants and Cathedrals abound in Madrid.
  • If you like art then you need to visit the Museo Nacional del Prado in Madrid. It has some of the best art in the world.
  • The Royal Palace it’s one of the largest in Europe and is cheap to visit. Make sure to book online!
  • Almudena Cathedral- it’s located right next to the royal palace and is free to enter. It’s an interesting mix of old and new architecture.
  • Restaurant Botín is very famous because it has good food and has been the place of many celebrity meals, like Ernest Hemingway. Make sure if you plan on eating here that you book in advance! You can always pop in to see the place, but eating is another story.


Sevilla is another one of the exotic destinations in Spain. Coincidentally, it is quite close to the country of Morocco and it’s very popular to visit Morocco from Sevilla.

Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
Sevilla Castle
  • Day trip from Sevilla to Tangier, Morocco.
  • I highly recommend getting a walking tour of Sevilla. The city is so neat, but it’s also very easy to get lost. Having a guide will make the historical streets come to life.
  • Plaza de España is a very beautiful plaza and park that you can spend a few hours enjoying. I loved it here.
  • Giralda and the Sevilla Cathedral are located right next to each other and are a must see. The Giralda is the bell tower of Sevilla. Hours are Monday to Friday from 11:00 to 17:00 and it costs 8 euro to enter.
  • The Alcazar of Sevilla is an old beautiful Moorish castle in the city. It’s definitely worth a visit. It costs 9.5 Euros to enter. It’s open Monday to Sunday, 09:30 to 17:00.
  • Torre del Oro is an old watch tower in Sevilla. It’s a quick little trip but if you have the time it’s fun to see.

    Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
    El torro del oro Sevilla


  • Granada was one of my favorite cities, I didn’t get to spend as much time there as I wanted to but I really think it’s worth a visit. It has great food the Alhambra is amazing.
  • Day trip from Seville to Alhambra. This tour has really great reviews it’s about 13 hours total. It’s on sale for 140$ right now. There weren’t many day trips from Cordoba. A cheaper option would be to take the train from either city to Granada and explore by yourself.  (the link is Cordoba to Granada but you can look up Seville to Granada too. ) It takes about the same amount of time but it might save you a little bit of money this way.  Ticket prices are 40-60$ one way.
  • In addition to the Alhambra, (make sure to book a month in advance)!, try and see the Generalife, and Albaicin. Also, I loved the streets in this city so mosey around and pop into some cool bars.


  • Make sure to see Flamenco in either Seville, Granada, or Cordoba
  • From Seville or Cordoba to Granada it’s about 2.4 hours so plan on a 3 hour trip.

    Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
    Shall we dance? Having some Flamenco fun in Granada
  • Day trip to Granada?
  • Mosque de Cordoba aka Mesquita this is really close to the house you are staying at on Airbnb. It’s a very ancient and beautiful mosque.
  • Calleja de las Flores Check out the old quarter for Cordoba for tiny, allies grown over with flowers.
  • Alcazar palace and museum and the Roman Bridge- this bridge has huge significance in Cordoba history and is close to the mosque and the Airbnb.


  • City of Arts and Sciences complex This is a really intricate and neat museum to visit in Valencia and close by the museum is their amazing aquarium which has a well known shark and dolphin tanks. I love aquariums so I thought you guys might enjoy visiting it.
  • Llotja de la Seda this is a major tourist attraction in the city. It has beautiful architecture and is a major center of commerce. It was traditionally a place to trade silks.
  • These three places should be enough to keep you occupied for a day.


  • You have to visit La Sagrada Familia. Make sure to prebook your tickets.

    Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
    Windy steps of La Sagrada Familia
  • I loved the Park Guell Park in Barcelona. Make sure to check tickets. This park was designed by Gaudi and Guell.
  • Casa Batlló is a great creation from Gaudi and is worth the visit. There is also the Casa Mila which is a bit similar to Casa Batlló. Sometimes they have live performances or music on the rooftop at Casa Mila.
  • Make sure to visit the street La Rambla and the market La Boqueria.
  • There is also the Barcelona city museum.
  • You also might want to try and check out a soccer match if there is one in Barcelona. They are usually at Camp Nou.


  • You have to visit Peniscola Castle. This castle was built by the Templar knights and is built with Moorish architecture. It costs 3 euros a person to enter. It’s huge and interesting to see and might be worth seeing at night or towards the end of the day so that you can see it lit up at night.
  • Another site to see that is famous in Pensicola is the Pensicola light house, this is located right near the castle, so you can have a two for one trip.
  • The other main attraction in Peniscola is the Parque Natural de La Serra d’Irta. This is a very picturesque and romantic nature reserve. I found a tour group that offers different activities like hiking, canoeing, and horse backing riding through the park.
  • If you feel like having a beach day, this site has a list of the beaches in the area that you can explore.

Extra Cádiz!

If you have extra time you might want to check out the ancient port city of Cádiz! This city is well known for it’s lovely beaches like La Caleta. You can also explore the famous Cádiz Catedral which is styled with Baroque (17th-18th century style) architecture. And the famous faro ( light house). Which used to warn ships of danger, but now provides the best view of the city.

Destinations in Spain Mentor Travel
My study abroad crew in Sevilla!


Let us know what you think of your trip to Spain? Did you visit any of these destinations in Spain? Which of these destinations in Spain were your favorite? Two of my top favorite destinations in Spain are Sevilla, for it’s windy and colorful streets, and Granada, for the Alhambra and it’s personality. Let us know your favorite destinations in Spain so that we can add them to our list here! Adios!! Like always feel free to share your comments thought and opinions below in the comments section and email me at

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