You’re Next Fav Water Park Vacation isn’t where you’d expect…

Although Dubai is most often known for it’s desert. If you are traveling with kids or adults looking for a fun time, Dubai’s water parks are your next must-visit destination!

water park in Dubai
No water in sight!

Dubai’s Water Parks

Just imagine this – the sun is high and is blazing down on you but you hardly feel it. You’re splashing about in the cool water, throwing brilliant-colored rainbows everywhere. It’s cool and comfortable. You’re happy as anything. It’s heaven! You’re in a water park in Dubai. And then think of this – Dubai has no less than 8 or 10 waterparks, each one designed to beat the other, and provide you with the coolest moments of your life. Go on then, pack today, and we’ll help you get to your personal heaven, throwing rainbows around.

Laguna Water Park

Dubai’s done it again. This summer, Dubai inaugurated La Mer’s brand-new waterpark that comes packed with four distinct zones, flumes and slides, half a dozen or so standalone rides, a lazy river, a restaurant and bar, an infinity pool and more. What’s more, there’s also Dubai’s first 180-degree surf park just waiting to thrill surfers around the world. So whether you want to try the rides that plummet you at speeds of over 60kph, or ride family rafts that drop into the water from four meters high, or nap on a lazy river ride, or learn to surf, you can do it at Laguna Waterpark.

Dreamland Aqua Park

If you’re a hardcore adventurer, you won’t find much in this Dubai waterpark which is mainly for families with kids. Enjoy rides on the adventurous Twisting Dragons, Black Hole and Slide Five. If you have kids along, get them on the Family Raft Ride, Twister and Kamikaze. They are going to love these rides. Check out the largest open Jacuzzi and even better, the largest wave pool in the region. If you’re afraid of drowning, what you need is a dip in the Dead Sea attraction, which has so much saline content that you simply won’t go under! For grownups, there’s a pool bar, and lush green gardens. Kids will love the mini zoo, and the tennis, volleyball and basketball courts.  It’s one of the coolest places to visit in Dubai.

water park in Dubai
Hold on tight! It’s going to be a wild ride!

Wild Wadi Water Park

Scream your way through the fearsome Jumeirah Sceirah, which is the fastest and the tallest free-fall water slide in the all the continents except the United States. Wild Wadi Water Park contains the largest wave pool in the Middle East, called the Breakers Bay, which produces waves of 4.9 feet in height. If you want to stay away from the scary rides, there’s a baby and toddler-friendly section where your kids can enjoy slides, water guns, dumping buckets and more. Obtaining a Dubai tourist visa is worth it just to visit Wild Wadi Water Park.

Aquaventure Water Park

Aquaventure Dubai is all of 42 acres, which includes zip lines, shark-filled lagoons, and Aquaconda, the world’s longest slide. Spin around in the Torrent River’s tidal surges and scream to your heart’s content. Neptune’s Retreat has some adrenalin-jerking rides that you shouldn’t miss. Aquaventure Water Park has Innumerable slides, wave pools, water spouts, rain rooms, and toddler play areas. Take your kids to the Aquaventure’s Marine Animal Adventure to let them get a close look at marine life as well.water park in Dubai

Ice Land Water Park

Set in acreage of 103,000 square meters, Ice Land Water Park is a haven for penguins. These cute birds roam around the park and allow themselves to be petted. Ice Land Water Park is called Penguin Land in honor of the penguins. The highlight of this waterpark is the largest manmade waterfall in the world. Apart from that, there are 30 exciting water rides, an aqua soccer playground and plenty of wave pools and rain rooms and dizzying slides to satisfy everyone’s need for water fun.


The LEGOLAND Water Park is located in the LEGOLAND Theme Park, which is part of the huge Dubai Parks and Resorts theme park. This water park features several interesting and educational elements from LEGO toys and LEGO movies. You and your kids can build your own boats, yachts, and rafts using LEGO® bricks in the outdoor LEGO River and test your designs against the water’s current. Younger guests can splash around in the Splash area with slides based on LEGO® DUPLO® characters. There’s also a fun, interactive playground with torrential downpour from a 300-gallon cask, and a wading pool which kids love. Kids can race each other on double body slides and land up in a wading area below.

Lost Chambers of Atlantis Water Park

The Lost Chambers of Atlantis isn’t strictly a fun water park but it is a fun interactive aquarium where you can enter the water for some fun. Located at Dubai’s Atlantis the Palm resort, the Lost World of Atlantis is made up of multiple lagoons that wrap around the chambers of the lost city of Atlantis. The city is supposed to be lost at sea thousands of years ago. This aquarium brings the entire ocean in for your purview – take a good look at multi-hued sea creatures such as manta rays, seahorses, beautiful reef fish, sharks, and others. You can put on your wetsuits and explore the aquarium as well.

Aquaventure Shark Lagoon

There’s a thrill waiting for shark lovers at the Atlantis Hotel in the Palm Jumeirah Islands. There are dangerous residents within the Aquaventure Shark Lagoon that are just waiting to snap at your feet. Enjoy the incredible shark safari at the Aquaventure Shark Lagoon, wearing special snorkeling equipment to help you breathe underwater. Walk on the very bottom of the lagoon, and find yourself surrounded by colorful reef fish swimming around your ankles. You’ll find several creatures coming by to say hello – black-spotted snapper fish, parrot-fish, gentle reef sharks and many more. Crownose and porcupine rays will whip around you – don’t worry, it’s quite safe. If you’ve ever walked on the ocean floor, then this experience is just like that – walking on the ocean floor surrounded by the oceanic universe at the Aquaventure Water Park’s Shark Lagoon.

Ambassador Lagoon At Aquaventure Park

The Ambassador Lagoon is part of the Lost Chambers of Atlantis. There are luxury boutiques, dining restaurants, and cafes at the entrance. The Lagoon itself is lined with gem-crusted torches and mosaic domes. Just a short walk the Avenues, you’ll find these huge acrylic panels through which you can see the legendary ruins and artifacts of The Lost City. You can sign up for scuba diving at the Ambassador Lagoon, and swim among the sharks. There’s no greater fun to be had than to be submerged in the cool water, swimming along with the sharks, with hundreds of people watching you through the acrylic panels outside. Shark diving is one of the coolest activities in this Dubai amusement park.water park in Dubai

Yas Waterworld

If you’ve enjoyed all the water parks and are wondering what to do in Dubai for the holidays, drive to Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi. It’s a wonderful waterpark with 45 thrilling rides, slides and spills. Everyone in the family can enjoy these rides. Float a raft along the Falcon’s Falaj water coaster, or hurtle around in the Bandit Bomber coaster. The Dawwama ride is waiting to punish you by spinning you inside the tube and then spitting you out. Try your luck with the tall Jebel DropWatch. Let the little ones enjoy their water playgrounds while you explore some grownup rides.


Dubai’s waterparks, whether they have rides or not, are all thrilling. Playing around in the water as an adult or child will make everyone on this vacation happy as a clam. Water parks in Dubai provide the ultimate respite from the heat and the humidity of the city, especially in the summer.

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water park in Dubai
The Palm in Dubai


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