Hiking Trails in the Grand Canyon

  Let’s explore Hiking Trails in the Grand Canyon!

Grand Canyon Mentor Travel hiking trails in the grand canyon
Your travel mentor Jessica looking at the beautiful Grand Canyon.

Our next travel destination takes us to one of the world’s largest Canyons. Firstly, the Grand Canyon is located in  Northern Arizona. It is on average a mile deep (1,857 m) and is 446 m long or 277 miles long. The Grand Canyon was almost voted one of the 7th wonders of the world. Every year 5 million visitors go to the park. Even though this is an extremely large number of people, have no fear, you can still have a special trip relatively human-free, if so desired.


Northern Rim


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If you’re interested in seeing the park with less humans visit the Northern Rim from  May 15-October 15. One of the most popular activities when visiting the Northern Rim is hiking or mule rides down into the inner canyon. Talk about an adrenaline rush. That mule has to be on pointe!! Mule rides into the canyon are an ancient ritual that has occurred since 1887. Make sure to book your trip in advance as in some instances the rides are booked up to a year in advance! Mule rides last for two days and one night. At your night in the bottom of the Grand Canyon you’ll stay at Phantom Ranch.


Phantom Ranch

This ranch isn’t as scary as it sounds; it was built as lodging for tourist visiting the bottom of the Canyon for book information click here. The Ranch is built with natural stones and materials from the Canyon so that it blends into the natural surroundings.

Grand Canyon Mentor Travel hiking trails in the grand canyon

Hiking in the Grand Canyon

Featured Hike Northern Rim:

North Kaibab Trail: Uniquelly, this is the only maintained trail from the Northern Rim into the Grand Canyon it is shared with the mule riders too. Plan a full day for this hike and start before 7 am. Make sure to bring plenty of water too. This hik, although it is very difficult, is extremely rewarding as you get to see the change in the canyon walls, vegetation, and wildlife.

Featured Hike Southern Rim:

Hermit Trail is a steep strenuous hike along the rim of the Grand Canyon. It is recommended for experienced desert hikers. The neat aspect of this trail is is takes you the Santa Maria Springs.The springs are a mini oasis where you can lounge and  bathe in the springs after a stressful hike. Remember to not drink the spring water unless it has been treated.

Grand Canyon Mentor Travel hiking trails in the grand canyon

Southern Rim Grand Canyon

Driving Directions to the South Rim

The Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon is where 90% of visitors visit the canyon. The Southern Rim includes the Grand Canyon Village which is reached  by the driving and the Grand Canyon Railway.

The Grand Canyon Railway

The railway, from my personal experience is an excellent way to see the canyon. Not only does it allow you to visit via public transportation which prevents erosion to the environment but it also allows everyone in your party to relax and enjoy the breathtaking views. The train, at least when I rode it in 2008, wasn’t very speedy. The slow speed of the train built the suspense as each corner you expect the canyon to come leaping into view but instead it slowly builds and builds until suddenly…. it’s there. In a sudden silence everyone’s breath is halted in unison as the beauty and magnificence of the canyon is absorbed.

 hiking trails in the grand canyon https://www.oars.com/adventures/grand-canyon-rafting-phantom-ranch-to-whitmore-wash/

Inner Canyon

The inner canyon can only be experienced by mule riders, backpackers, and white water rafters. To visit the inner canyon I would recommend planning at least a minimum of two days but I would personally plan more time. If you are interested in an adventure check out white water rafting! Most tours require a couple of days to complete, but white water rafting is one of the most exhilarating and secluded ways to visit the Grand Canyon. The rapids of the grand canyon range from mild to extreme and include some the most dangerous rapids in the world! Tour packages can be chosen to choose the trip that is the best fit for your rafting experience level. But rafting is definitely one of the best ways to view the canyon.


The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place that definitely worth a trip. Both your travel mentors have visited and we highly recommend it. The silence and grandeur of the area will make you feel relaxed. When I visited I felt so incredibly blessed to be able to have the experience of visiting such an amazing place. It’s always nice to visit places that make you feel such a strong sense of gratitude. However, if you go there and don’t feel an intense emotional response that’s normal and fine too.  After all, different people are moved by different things. All in all the hiking trails in the Grand Canyon are fantastic! Even if you don’t have time to hike, check out this wonderful historical landmark.

For help visiting and planning your trip to the Grand Canyon or anywhere in the world please email me at hailey@mentortravel.org. For another great national park check out our fellow hiker’s site!

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Phantom Ranch

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