How to Holiday Smarter in Dubai (Trust Me this Trip is for any Budget)

Are planning a trip to Dubai but feel too busy to plan a trip? Here is an example itinerary for your trip to Dubai. This is sample trip is planned for 10 days exploring the regal city of Dubai. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this trip. Please email me at or leave a comment below for more information on planning your trips. I’d love to help! Without further ado let’s diver right in!

Visiting Dubai in 10 days

Day 1:

Land in Dubai check into hotel/hostel relax and explore surrounding area and people watch. I would stay here for $32.00 a night. The other hostels have pretty bad reviews this one had the best, plus it looks like a nice location. Easy to access the metro too. If you don’t arrive too late you should visit the Dubai Miracle Garden. Rates are $10.00 USD open Weekdays 9am- 9pm and Friday Saturdays 9am to 11 pm. If you’d like to explore your own hostels you can find more here.

dubai mall mentor travel
Dubai’s mall’s beautiful dome and architecture.

Day 2:

Visit the mall of Dubai. This seems to be a must see at the very least because it is soooo huge. Dubai Mall the Dubai Aquarium and underwater zoo looks amazing too and should be about 28.00 an entry ticket. After exploring the mall and aquarium all day. I would head back and relax and meet people at the hostel.

Day 3:

I would visit SMCCU. This is a really neat cultural center in Dubai which is designed to promote understanding about Islamic culture. They have numerous cultural experiences including tours, breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. There prices range from 25-33.00$ USD so you could potentially go on numerous trips. Depending on how you like the first one. You must book in advance!!! Here is the booking form. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding       For  Group Bookings


House 26, Al Mussallah Road                                               Email:

Al Fahidi District, Bur Dubai

Phone: +971 4 353 6666                                                       For Schools & Universities

Fax: +971 4 353 6661

Email:                                                   Email:

Day 4:

desert safari dubai Mentor Travel
Trek these ancient deserts on a desert safari near Dubai.

One thing that is a must see while in Dubai are the desert safaris. These should be able to fit into any budget. Prices vary depending on the tour that you choose but typically start at $150.00-$410.00. I would recommend using this company Platinum Heritage since they try to practice environmental sustainability and their prices are very reasonable and cheap.  You can do camel tours, morning or night time tours whichever tour fits your schedule best. Here are two more tour options. Option 2 and 3 You must book in advance!!!

Day 5:

Explore the Palms Dubai in Jebel Ali. Snorkeling in Dubai seems to be fairly limited. Most of the construction to build up Dubai seems to have destroyed any natural reefs around the area. I found one company who will take you snorkeling but you must bring all your equipment and its rather expensive. I would instead recommend diving or snorkeling in the Atlantis Marine Park in the Palms of Dubai. This will probably be a bit touristy but prices are about $30.00 so not that expensive. You would be able to see some neat aquatic life too! This would also be a good introductory dive as they offer diving for beginners. There are a few snorkeling options too. You must book in advance!!!  They also have underwater yoga. This is a very unique Dubai experience.

Day 6:

These three places are near each other so I would do them on the same day. Visit Safa Park first on your way to the other sites. The park is very lush, green, and beautiful. Definitely not what you expect to see in a desert. Al Karama Market is right up the street and is an excellent place to bargain hunt and shop for souvenirs cheaply. Then visit Dubai Creek. Dubai Creek is in a historical site I would allow a few hours to explore around the area. Definitely visit the Bastakiya neighborhood which has many old buildings and streets.

A unique experience in Dubai are taking the water taxis that abound in this area. Make sure to take one of those while explore the ancient Dubai Creek neighborhoods. Afterwards head over to the Dubai Souks. These are traditional markets where gold and silver are sold. These are worth checking out as they are a neat cultural experience. End the day eating dinner at Ravi Restaurant  a famous Pakistani restaurant in the area.  This is a google maps link to show you where everything is at and the directions are from the hostel I recommended you stay at. This should be an inexpensive day.

dubai souk
Date Souk in Dubai

Day 7:

Beach day!! I’d spend a day on the hot sands of Jumeirah Beach. I would also either wake up early to watch the sunrise and see the city awaken from the Dubai Marina or make sure to take a sunset stroll. A morning walk would also most likely be less busy too. This will be a cheap day. Beach norms in Dubai require some navigation. On private beaches owned by hotels it is typically acceptable to wear bikinis and normal swimsuit attire. On public beaches wear t-shirts and shorts. Men should keep their shirts on. It is illegal for women to go top less in Dubai. In bars and restaurants near or on the beach it is important to wear a cover up and not wander around in your swim attire.

Day 8:

This day can not be a Sunday*

Jumeirah Mosque is next on the list. You can also visit the mosque earlier with the SMCC tour group. *You could also potentially add visiting the mosque into Day 7 or Day 6 depending on the amount of time you spend in Dubai. Women are supposed to wear a headscarf when visiting. It costs $6.00 USD to visit. The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding hosts visits of the Grand Jumeirah Mosque 6 days a week Saturday through Thursday at 10:00am. You do not need a reservation to attend this visit, but you must arrive at the main entrance to the Jumeirah Mosque by approximately 9.45am. Each tour lasts approximately 75 minutes.

burj kalifa dubia Mentor Travel
Burj Kalifa Dubia

Visit the Burj Khalifa the tallest building in the world. You should prebook your tickets to come here so that way it will save you some time not standing in line. I would also recommend visiting during non peak hours. The time chart is below and can also be viewed when you book your tickets. The cheapest tickets are $35.00 the most expensive tickets are $81.00. You must book in advance!!!

Ticket Type At The Top Level 125 + 124 At The Top Sky Level 148 + 125 +124
Non-prime hours 08h00 – 15h00 and
18h30 until closing
18h00 until closing
Adult (12 years +) General Admission AED 125 AED 350
Child (4-12 years) General Admission AED 95 AED 350
Prime hours* 15h30 – 18h00 Opening until 17h00
Adult (12 years +) General Admission AED 200 AED 500
Child (4-12 years) General Admission AED 160 AED 500
Adult (12 years +) Immediate Entry Admission AED 300 N/A
Child (4-12 years) Immediate Entry Admission AED 300 N/A

Day 9:

Beach day again and if you haven’t already had time you must visit Al Dhiyafa Road which is a great place to eat souvenir shop and experience and discover Dubai culture. Come hungry as you will be enjoying delicious foods. You can also check out the neat street Diera Street which is another street well known for its yummy foods. Make sure to bring a swimwear that is culturally acceptable. Refer to day 7 for cultural norms for the beach.

Day 10:

I found a spa called Yas Beauty Salon which has really good reviews and offers traditional Turkish spa treatments. It also seemed cheaper than other spa locations. Then after visiting the spa to relax it’s time to hit the skies and return home.

Transportation and Food:

Transportation will be really cheap take the Dubai Metro which incidentally is very sophisticated and classy. A tourist attraction all on its own. The recommended hostel is right near the metro line so you’ll have easy access to the city. As far as eating goes I would recommend eating at any of the many all you can eat buffets and happy hours throughout the city. Most restaurants have extremely cheap tasty food.


Dubai is a wonderful city which although it is modern it still holds onto its ancient roots. This adds a unique culture and energy to the city, and definitely making it worth exploring. If you would like an extra night of fun, I recommend the  Dhow Cruise Dubai. It’s a night of luxury in one of the most luxurious cities in the world. This is a momentous life time experience!  You must book in advance!!! After you visit Dubai let us know your experiences and thoughts here! Leave a comment below or message us at

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