Treat Yo’ Self: Getting Pampered in Vietnam for Cheap

Vietnam is one of those countries where your dollar goes a lot further. I’m lucky enough to call this place my home, and getting pampered is one of the many benefits I get to enjoy since relocating to Vietnam. Here’s how you can treat yourself to a day of luxury in Vietnam.

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Massage: 350,000vnd or $15USD

The first item on my list of being pampered in Vietnam is a full body massage. There are a ton of massage parlors all over Ho Chi Minh City where I live, so the options are endless. I visited a parlor in District 1, and paid about $15USD for an hour full body massage. This can run anywhere from $60USD to $100USD in the States. What a DEAL.

Mani & Pedi: 240,000vnd or $10USD

Next stop is to get those nails taken care of. The Vietnamese are fabulous at nails, so it’s easy to find someone who can do unique designs or styles for you. A typical manicure and pedicure costs around 240,000vnd, or around $10. This is about half the price it would be in the States, and the quality is amazing at most places.

You can also get other services at very inexpensive rates. A foot scrub will run you at about $4 or a 30 minute foot massage for $7.50.

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Hair & Face Wash: 50,000vnd or $2USD

This is my favorite part of being pampered in Vietnam. When I lived in the States, going to a salon specifically for a hair wash wasn’t too common. Hair washes only occurred when you got your trim. In Vietnam, a hair wash can be a weekly ritual for someone. A lot of the salons wash your hair and face. It takes about 30 to 45 minutes and feels so amazing. I’ve definitely fallen asleep during this because of how nice it feels.

The salon I go to charges around 50,000vnd or about $2USD for both the hair and face wash. It’s my absolute favorite and I will probably get one every week now.

Waxing: 290,000vnd to 890,000vnd or $12.50USD to $38USD

This category may not be ‘relaxing’, but it sure is part of a lot of people’s beauty routine. Waxing is pretty popular in Vietnam, so there are lots of salons to get this done at. A half leg waxing session will run you from $12.50 to $38, depending on if you want strip wax or hot wax.

pampered in vietnam mentor travel

Caffeine Buzz: 12,000vnd to 100,000vnd or $.50USD to $4USD

A full day of being pampered in Vietnam would just not be complete without a cup of coffee, especially in Vietnam. The coffee in Vietnam is delicious at almost any coffee shop. You can have simple Vietnamese coffee for fifty cents, or you can grab a flavored cafe au lait at a higher end cafe.

**BONUS TIP: Some coffee shops have hammocks or beds for you to take a quick cat nap. Look for a Cafe Vong.

Relax the Mind & Body with Yoga: 50,000vnd to 300,000vnd or $2USD to $13USD

Yoga is very popular all over the world. It can be trendy with fads like hot yoga or wine yoga, and all of that is available in Vietnam. A typical fee for a drop in lesson (with no membership) will run you from $2USD to $13USD at the most. This is soooooo affordable compared to daily drop ins for clubs in the US. Like wow, I’m going every day now.

pampered in vietnam mentor travel

Total Price for the Day: 1,450,000vnd or $62USD

Taking the average of these prices, added all up together comes to about $62USD to be pampered in Vietnam. You can EASILY spend the same amount on one massage in the States. Or one drop in yoga class. Or one hair cut. In Vietnam, you get an entire day of pampering for that same amount. It’s a pretty fabulous place.

Let us know if there are any other price comparisons you’d like to see between Vietnam and the US. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about visiting Vietnam!

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