Donald Trump Writing Contest

From August 9th to September 6th we are running a writing contest to see who has the best Donald Trump traveling story. Your story can be sad, funny, or a little bit of both. If you live abroad we’d love to hear what it was like to be in your city after the election. If you went on vacation, what was one of the most off-the-wall questions you’ve been asked about Mr. Trump? Even if your story just involves visiting the next city an hour away feel free to share!

It’s about time having a possibly crazy man in office earned you some cash. Afterall, we all know his “generous” bills to help the American public aren’t helping us at all.

Contest Entry Rules:

  • 500-word minimum. You may have a short story which is fine, just make sure to set the scene and give us as much detail as possible.
  • One photo related to your essay must be submitted with a maximum of three photos.
  • Entry fee of $10.00.


  • You can choose between a 50 dollar Amazon Gift card or a special travel gift of our choice.
  • Your post will be a featured post on our blog.
  • Self-gratification for spreading the truth about Trump.
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