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At Mentor Travel we offer three main services Budgeting, Travel Planning, and Assist small businesses and digital nomads to grow and manage their businesses.

Save Time and Grow your Business

Here at Mentor Travel we know that its hard to run a business and manage your valuable time and travel. That’s why we are pleased to offer our services to business owners. As we are very skilled with research and travel management Mentor Travel offers travel planning for individual or group travel for business related travel such as conferences or to meet clients. Additionally if you need help with any sort of internet research or projects we are pleased to offer our services on a per project basis or as a retainer. To find out more about working with us click here!

Mentor Travel Consultations: Plan your trip in 2 hours!

We know that planning a trip can be a very daunting experience, especially if you are new traveler or a solo expeditioner. Our goal at Mentor Travel is to make this process easier for you. We are travel experts. We’ve traveled to all over the globe and have experience on 4 different continents. We’re here to help you plan out your trip to choose the most efficient routes, to help you stay safe, and to help you plan your custom dream trip. We’ve broken up our consultation packages into 3 different groups. Start planning your trip with us click here!

Check out our Budgeting Services

At Mentor Travel we encourage and support debt free travel. This is even more important these days with an uneasy political system and uncertain dollar value. It’s important that a trip doesn’t break your bank. Our package is designed to help you prep for your trip by planning and budgeting for the long term. We can even help you plan out budgeting for an emergency fund and travel fund. Find out more about our budgeting services here.

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