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At Mentor Travel we encourage and support debt free travel. This is even more important these days with an uneasy political system and uncertain dollar value. It’s important that a trip doesn’t break your bank. Our package is designed to help you prep for your trip by planning and budgeting for the long term. We can even help you plan out budgeting for an emergency fund and travel fund. Check out the package below to learn how to travel debt free!

Budgeting Package:

45 minutes

  • We’ll teach you how to set up a budget. Show you some different options, which you can customize with us to your preference.
  • Review monitoring methods to make sure you stay on track with your budget before your trip.
  • Review your daily spending habits to determine where extra money can be pulled from to go into your trip.
  • Provide you with some prohacks while you are traveling to keep your money safe and keep you on budget.
  • We’ll provide long term check ups to see how everything is going and if you need further help.

This package costs $49.99 USD.

We value your feedback. If you think we are missing something and would like a service added please let us know! Email us at or fill out the contact form below.

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